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テン/TEN/    つ.ける/tsu.keru/    つ.く/tsu.ku/    た.てる/ta.teru/    さ.す/    とぼ.す/    とも.す/    ぼち/bochi/TEN/テン/    tsu.keru/つ.ける/    tsu.ku/つ.く/    ta.teru/た.てる/さ.す/とぼ.す/とも.す/    bochi/ぼち/

spot;  point;  mark;  speck;  decimal point Frenchpoint;  note;  allumer;  virgule (décimales) Portugueseponto;  marca;  ponto decimal Spanishpunto;  marca

Radical: (fire).   Strokes: 9画.   Elements: 口卜灬.   Variants: .   Pinyin: diǎn.   Hangul:  [jeom].

Jōyō Kanji 2nd Grade.   JLPT N3.

Example compounds:
テンTENてんけいtenkei】persons or animals added to a picture; incidental details of a picture
ひょうてんhyōten】(examination) comments and marks; rating
びてんbiten】virtue; charm; merit; good point
けるtsukeruけるつけるtsukeru】to turn on; to switch on; to light up
電灯をけるでんとうをつけるdentōwotsukeru】to turn (switch) on an electric lamp
火をけるひをつけるhiwotsukeru】to ignite; to spark (an incident, etc.)
tsukuつくtsuku】to be lit (e.g. electricity comes on); to catch fire
火がひがつくhigatsuku】to catch fire; to provoke; to catch fire from; to be ignited
てるtateruてるたてるtateru】to make tea (macha); to perform the tea ceremony
sasuさすsasu】to pour; to put on (lipstick, etc.); to light (a fire)
目薬をめぐすりをさすmegusuriwosasu】to apply eyedrops
とぼtobosuとぼすtobosu】to light; to turn on
ともtomosuともすtomosu】to light; to turn on
爪に火をつめにひをともすtsumenihiwotomosu】to lead a stingy life; to scrimp and save; to pinch pennies; to light one's fingernail (instead of a candle)
Codepoints and classification codes:
37-32JIS X 0208
2133.6Four Corner
1240De Roo
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