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ゼン/ZEN/    ネン/NEN/    しか/shika/    しか.り/shika.ri/    しか.し/shika.shi/    /sa/ZEN/ゼン/    NEN/ネン/    shika/しか/    shika.ri/しか.り/    shika.shi/しか.し/    sa//

sort of thing;  so;  if so;  in that case;  well Frenchun certain;  si c'est comme ça;  dans ce cas;  suffixe adverbial PortugueseTipos de objetos;  assim;  se assim;  naquele caso;  bem Spanishde esa forma;  en ese caso

Radical: (fire).   Strokes: 12画.   Elements: 犬夕灬.   Pinyin: rán.   Hangul:  [yeon].

Jōyō Kanji 4th Grade.   JLPT N3.

Example compounds:
ゼンZEN超自ちょうしぜんchōshizen】occult; transcendental; supernaturalness; supernaturalism; supernaturality
淘汰しぜんとうたshizentōta】natural selection
けつぜんketsuzen】decisive; resolute; determined
ネンNENてんねんとうtennentō】smallpox; variola
記念物てんねんきねんぶつtennenkinenbutsu】natural monument; protected species (animal, habitat, etc.)
てんねんtennen】nature; natural airhead
しかshikaしながらしかしながらshikashinagara】however; nevertheless
しかしshikashi】however; but
しかもshikamo】moreover; furthermore; nevertheless; and yet
しかshikariしかりshikari】yes; to be so
しかshikashiしながらしかしながらshikashinagara】however; nevertheless
しかしshikashi】however; but
saり気無いさりげないsarigenai】nonchalant; unconcerned; in a casual manner
Codepoints and classification codes:
33-19JIS X 0208
2333.3Four Corner
2540De Roo
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