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/YU/    ユウ//    ユイ/YUI/    よし/yoshi/    よ.る/    YUU/ユウ/    YUI/ユイ/    yoshi/よし/よ.る/

wherefore;  a reason Frenchc'est pourquoi;  raison;  cause;  origine;  grave Portugueseporquanto;  por conseguinte;  uma razão Spanishrazón;  significado;  causa

Radical: (field).   Strokes: 5画.   Elements: |日田.   Pinyin: yóu.   Hangul:  [yu].

Jōyō Kanji 3rd Grade.   JLPT N3.

Example compounds:
YU労働者じゆうろうどうしゃjiyūrōdōsha】casual laborer (labourer); day laborer (labourer)
々しいゆゆしいyuyushii】grave; serious; alarming
肢体不自したいふじゆうじshitaifujiyūji】physically handicapped child
ユウ労働者じゆうろうどうしゃjiyūrōdōsha】casual laborer (labourer); day laborer (labourer)
肢体不自したいふじゆうじshitaifujiyūji】physically handicapped child
じゆうjiyū】reason; cause
ユイYUIゆいしょyuisho】history; pedigree; lineage
緒正しいゆいしょただしいyuishotadashii】having an ancient and honorable origin
よしyoshiよしyoshi】reason; significance; cause
無し事よしなしごとyoshinashigoto】trivial thing; nonsense
そうろうよしsōrōyoshi】I hear that ...
yoruよるyoru】to be due to; to depend on; to be based on
Codepoints and classification codes:
45-19JIS X 0208
5060.0Four Corner
1676De Roo
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