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コウ//    カン/KAN/    /KA/    きのえ/kinoe/KOU/コウ/    KAN/カン/    KA//    kinoe/きのえ/

armor;  high (voice);  A grade;  first class;  former;  instep;  carapace Frencharmure;  carapace;  haute (voix);  premier ordre;  première classe;  ancien;  cou-de-pied;  signe du 1er tronc céleste Portuguesearmadura;  alto (voz);  Um grau;  umterior;  peito do pé;  carapaça Spanishcaparazón;  armadura;  voz alta;  primero

Radical: (field).   Strokes: 5画.   Elements: |日田.   Pinyin: jiǎ.   Hangul:  [gab].   Nanori: かぶと /  / まさ / まさるkabuto / ki / masa / masaru.

Jōyō Kanji High School.   JLPT N1.

Example compounds:
コウ骨文こうこつぶんkōkotsubun】ancient inscriptions of Chinese characters on oracle bones and tortoise shells
きっこうkikkō】tortoise shell
こうしゅkōshu】A-grade; first-class
カンKAN高いかんだかいkandakai】high-pitched; shrill
かんぱんkanpan】deck (of a ship)
かんごえkangoe】sharp high voice
KAかっちゅうkacchū】armor and helmet (armour)
高いかんだかいkandakai】high-pitched; shrill
かんぱんkanpan】deck (of a ship)
きのえkinoeきのえねkinoene】first of the sexagenary cycle
きのえkinoe】first sign of the Chinese calendar
きのえいぬkinoeinu】eleventh of the sexagenary cycle
Codepoints and classification codes:
25-35JIS X 0208
6050.0Four Corner
3655De Roo
Dictionary indices:
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