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タン/TAN/    はし/hashi/    /ha/    はた/hata/    -ばた/-bata/    はな/hana/TAN/タン/    hashi/はし/    ha//    hata/はた/    -bata/-ばた/    hana/はな/

edge;  origin;  end;  point;  border;  verge;  cape Frenchbord;  origine;  bout;  pointe;  bordure;  rebord;  cap Portuguesemargem;  origem;  fim;  ponto;  borda;  limite;  cabo (geog.) Spanishcorrecto;  justo;  filo;  borde;  punta;  extremo

Radical: (stand).   Strokes: 14画.   Elements: 山而立.   Pinyin: duān.   Hangul:  [dan].   Nanori: ただし / みずtadashi / mizu.

Jōyō Kanji High School.   JLPT N1.

Example compounds:
タンTANたんごtango】Boy's Day celebration (May 5th) (one of the five annual festivals)
じょうたんjōtan】upper end; top; tip; top edge
ばんたんbantan】all; everything
はしhashi切れきれはしkirehashi】scraps; cut end; cut-off piece
りょうはしryōhashi】both ends; either end; both edges; sitting on the fence
たないはしたないhashitanai】improper; immodest; disgraceful; shameful; vulgar; low
haはやくhayaku】minor role
はなさきhanasaki】tip of nose; before one's eyes; tip (of something)
切りきりはkiriha】face (of a wall of coal or ore, etc.); working face (of a mine)
はたhataはたhata】near; third person
はなhanaはなさきhanasaki】tip of nose; before one's eyes; tip (of something)
ではなdehana】projecting part (of a headland, etc.); outset
上りあがりはなagarihana】entrance (i.e. of a Japanese house); start of a rise (e.g. in prices)
Codepoints and classification codes:
35-28JIS X 0208
0212.7Four Corner
453De Roo
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