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セツ/SETSU/    セチ/SECHI/    ふし/fushi/    -ぶし/-bushi/    のっと/notto/SETSU/セツ/    SECHI/セチ/    fushi/ふし/    -bushi/-ぶし/    notto/のっと/

node;  season;  period;  occasion;  verse;  clause;  stanza;  honor;  joint;  knuckle;  knob;  knot;  tune;  melody Frenchnoeud (vitesse);  instant;  saison;  période;  occasion;  vers (poésie);  stance;  honneur;  jointure;  articulation;  bosse;  air (musique);  mélodie Portuguese;  estação;  período;  ocasião;  verso;  cláusula;  stanza;  honra;  junta;  nó dos dedos;  maçaneta;  canção;  melodia Spanishestación;  periodo;  frase;  unión;  articulación;  melodía;  tono;  nudo;  entonación

Radical: (bamboo).   Strokes: 13画.   Elements: 艮竹卩.   Pinyin: jié / jiē.   Hangul:  [jeol].   Nanori: たかしtakashi.

Jōyō Kanji 4th Grade.   JLPT N1.

Example compounds:
じせつがらjisetsugara】in these times; in times like these; the season being what it is
セチSECHI料理おせちりょうりosechiryōri】food served during the New Year's Holidays
せちえsechie】seasonal court banquet
おせちosechi】food served during the New Year's Holidays
ふしfushiふしfushi】joint; tune; knot (in wood); part
ふしめfushime】turning point; knot (in a tree, etc.)
ふしぶしfushibushi】joints; points (of a speech)
のっとnottoのっとnotto】knot (nautical mile per hour)
Codepoints and classification codes:
32-65JIS X 0208
8872.7Four Corner
2344De Roo
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