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グン/GUN/    む.れる/mu.reru/    む.れ/    むら/mura/    むら.がる/mura.garu/GUN/グン/    mu.reru/む.れる/む.れ/    mura/むら/    mura.garu/むら.がる/

flock;  group;  crowd;  herd;  swarm;  cluster Frenchtroupeau;  groupe;  foule;  essaim Portuguesebando;  grupo;  multidão;  manada;  enxame;  cacho Spanishmanada;  rebaño;  grupo;  gentío;  multitud;  tropel;  hacinarse;  amontonarse;  aglomerarse

Radical: (sheep).   Strokes: 13画.   Elements: 一王口并羊ノ.   Variants: .   Pinyin: qún.   Hangul:  [gun].   Nanori: ぐり /  / こお / こおり / ごうりguri / gu /  / kōri / gōri.

Jōyō Kanji 5th Grade.   JLPT N2.

Example compounds:
ぐんぶgunbu】dancing in groups
雄割拠ぐんゆうかっきょgun'yūkakkyo】rivalry of local warlords; a number of powerful (talented, influential) persons standing by themselves in a given field
れるmureruれるむれるmureru】to crowd; to flock; to swarm
人がれるひとがむれるhitogamureru】to be crowded with people
mureれるむれるmureru】to crowd; to flock; to swarm
むれmure】group; crowd; flock; herd; bevy; school; swarm; cluster (e.g. of stars); clump; pack (e.g. of dogs)
ひとむれhitomure】group; wide expanse (of flowers)
むらmuraがるむらがるmuragaru】to swarm; to gather
むらさめmurasame】passing shower
立ちむらだちmuradachi】standing in a group; standing up in unison
むらがるmuragaruがるむらがるmuragaru】to swarm; to gather
Codepoints and classification codes:
23-18JIS X 0208
1865.1Four Corner
3555De Roo
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