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ハイ/HAI/    /se/    せい/sei/    そむ.く/somu.ku/    そむ.ける/somu.keru/HAI/ハイ/    se//    sei/せい/    somu.ku/そむ.く/    somu.keru/そむ.ける/

stature;  height;  back;  behind;  disobey;  defy;  go back on;  rebel Frenchstature;  taille;  dos;  arrière;  désobéir;  défier;  revenir sur;  se rebeller Portugueseestatura;  altura;  costas;  atrás;  desobedecer;  desafiar;  quebrar promesum;  rebelar Spanishespalda;  detrás;  estatura;  desobedecer;  infringir;  rebelarse

Radical: (meat).   Strokes: 9画.   Elements: 月匕爿.   Pinyin: bèi / bēi.   Hangul:  [bae]  [pae].

Jōyō Kanji 6th Grade.   JLPT N3.

Example compounds:
ハイHAIはいめんhaimen】rear; back; reverse
二律にりつはいはんniritsuhaihan】antinomy; either-or situation
はいしんhaishin】betrayal; infidelity
se伸びせのびsenobi】standing on tiptoe and stretching one's back to make oneself taller; overreaching oneself
せたけsetake】stature; height
負うせおうseō】to be burdened with; to have (something) in the background
せいseiせいsei】height; stature
どんぐりの比べどんぐりのせいくらべdongurinoseikurabe】having no outstanding characteristics; to all seem about the same; bragging competition ("pissing contest") concerning matters of little importance; height comparison among acorns
そむsomukuそむくsomuku】to run counter to; to go against; to disobey; to infringe
人たる道にひとたるみちにそむくhitotarumichinisomuku】to stray from the path of righteousness
そむけるsomukeruけるそむけるsomukeru】to turn one's face away; to avert one's eyes
顔をけるかおをそむけるkaowosomukeru】to turn one's face away
Codepoints and classification codes:
39-56JIS X 0208
1122.7Four Corner
1246De Roo
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