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ボウ//    ふく.らむ/fuku.ramu/    ふく.れる/fuku.reru/BOU/ボウ/    fuku.ramu/ふく.らむ/    fuku.reru/ふく.れる/

swell;  get fat;  thick Frenchgonfler;  grossir;  épais Portugueseinchar;  engordar;  espesso Spanishhinchado;  inflado;  hincharse;  inflarse;  hinchar;  inflar

Radical: (meat).   Strokes: 16画.   Elements: 月口十土豆并彡.   Pinyin: péng.   Hangul:  [paeng].

Jōyō Kanji High School.   JLPT N1.

Example compounds:
ボウぼうちょうbōchō】expansion; swelling; increase; growth
ぼうだいbōdai】huge; swelling
張係数ねつぼうちょうけいすうnetsubōchōkeisū】thermal expansion coefficient
ふくらむfukuramuらむふくらむfukuramu】to expand; to swell (out); to get big; to become inflated
ふくれるfukureruれるふくれるfukureru】to swell (out); to get cross
Codepoints and classification codes:
43-36JIS X 0208
7222.2Four Corner
3960De Roo
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