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/HI/    こうむ.る/kō    おお.う/ō.u/    かぶ.る/    かぶ.せる/kabu.seru/HI//こうむ.る/    oo.u/おお.う/かぶ.る/    kabu.seru/かぶ.せる/

incur;  cover;  veil;  brood over;  shelter;  wear;  put on;  be exposed (film);  receiving Frenchsubir;  couvrir;  voile;  ruminer (soucis);  abri;  mettre (vêtement);  porter (sur la tête);  être exposé (film);  victime;  souffrir Portugueseincorrer;  cobrir;  velar;  chocar;  proteger;  vestir;  vestir- se;  expor (filme);  recepção Spanishsufrir perdidas;  recibir;  cargarse

Radical: (clothes).   Strokes: 10画.   Elements: 衤皮又.   Pinyin: bèi / .   Hangul:  [pi].   Nanori: ぎぬginu.

Jōyō Kanji High School.   JLPT N2.

Example compounds:
HIひばくhibaku】being exposed to radiation; radiation exposure
ひまくhimaku】coating; tunic (plants)
ひふくhifuku】coating; covering
こうむkoumuru損害をそんがいをこうむるsongaiwokōmuru】to suffer a loss
こうむるkōmuru】to suffer; to receive; to sustain
御免ごめんこうむるgomenkōmuru】to receive permission; to leave (with someone's permission); to refuse
おおoouおおうōu】to cover; to hide; to conceal; to wrap; to disguise
かぶkaburu買いかいかぶるkaikaburu】to overestimate; to make too much of
かぶるkaburu】to put on (one's head); to be covered with (dust, snow, etc.); to bear (e.g. someone's debts, faults, etc.); to overlap (e.g. sound or color); to be similar; to be fogged (due to overexposure, etc.); to close; to get a full house; to blunder; to be deceived
泥をどろをかぶるdorowokaburu】to take the blame; to cover oneself in mud
かぶせるkabuseruせるかぶせるkabuseru】to cover (with something); to put on (e.g. on someone else's head); to plate something (with a metal); to pour or dash a liquid (on something); to charge (a person with a guilt)
押っせるおっかぶせるokkabuseru】to put a thing on top of another; to cover; to lay something on
覆いせるおおいかぶせるōikabuseru】to cover up with something
Codepoints and classification codes:
40-79JIS X 0208
3424.7Four Corner
667De Roo
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