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トウ//    う.つ/u.tsu/TOU/トウ/    u.tsu/う.つ/

chastise;  attack;  defeat;  destroy;  conquer Frenchdébat;  châtier;  attaquer;  vaincre;  conquérir;  détruire Portuguesecastigar;  atacar;  derrotar;  destruir;  conquistar Spanishdisparar;  atacar;  asaltar;  investigar;  vengar

Radical: (speech).   Strokes: 10画.   Elements: 言寸.   Pinyin: tǎo.   Hangul:  [to].

Jōyō Kanji 6th Grade.   JLPT N1.

Example compounds:
トウそうとうsōtō】cleaning up; sweeping up; mopping up
再検さいけんとうsaikentō】re-examination; review; reappraisal
とうぎtōgi】debate; discussion
utsuうつutsu】to shoot (at); to attack
不意をふいをうつfuiwōtsu】to take (a person) unawares; to make a surprise attack
仇をあだをうつadawōtsu】to take revenge
Codepoints and classification codes:
38-4JIS X 0208
0460.0Four Corner
3048De Roo
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