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ホウ//    おとず.れる/otozu.reru/    たず.ねる/tazu.neru/    と.う/to.u/HOU/ホウ/    otozu.reru/おとず.れる/    tazu.neru/たず.ねる/    to.u/と.う/

call on;  visit;  look up;  offer sympathy Frenchrendre visite;  demander;  rechercher;  accuser;  présenter ses condoléances Portugueseinvocar;  visitar;  melhorar;  oferecer simpatia Spanishvisitar;  hacer una visita

Radical: (speech).   Strokes: 11画.   Elements: 言方.   Pinyin: fǎng.   Hangul:  [bang].   Nanori: wa.

Jōyō Kanji 6th Grade.   JLPT N3.

Example compounds:
らいほうraihō】visit; call
戸別こべつほうもんkobetsuhōmon】door-to-door visit; door-to-door canvassing; door-to-door canvasing
おとずれるotozureruれるおとずれるotozureru】to visit; to arrive
病院をれるびょういんをおとずれるbyōinwōtozureru】to visit (someone) in hospital
たずねるtazuneruねるたずねるtazuneru】to visit
友人をねるゆうじんをたずねるyūjinwotazuneru】to call on a friend
touとう】to ask; to charge (i.e. with a crime); to care (about); without regard to (with negative verb)
Codepoints and classification codes:
43-12JIS X 0208
0062.7Four Corner
3045De Roo
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