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チョウ/CHŌ/    しら.べる/shira.beru/    しら.べ/    ととの.う/totono.u/    ととの.える/totono.eru/CHOU/チョウ/    shira.beru/しら.べる/しら.べ/    totono.u/ととの.う/    totono.eru/ととの.える/

tune;  tone;  meter;  key (music);  writing style;  prepare;  exorcise;  investigate Frenchenquête;  mélodie;  ton (majeur/mineur);  style d'écriture;  préparer;  exorciser Portuguesecanção;  tom;  métrica;  clave (música);  estilo de escrever;  preparar;  exorcisar;  investigar Spanishmelodía;  tono;  investigar;  comprobar;  arreglar;  poner en orden

Radical: (speech).   Strokes: 15画.   Elements: 言口土冂.   Pinyin: diào / tiáo.   Hangul:  [jo]  [ju].   Nanori:  / つぎgi / tsugi.

Jōyō Kanji 3rd Grade.   JLPT N3.

Example compounds:
チョウCHŌ調かんちょうkanchō】one's best form
公害等調整委員会こうがいとうちょうせいいいんかいkōgaitōchōseiiinkai】Environmental Dispute Coordination Commission
調しっちょうshicchō】lack of harmony
しらべるshiraberu取り調べるとりしらべるtorishiraberu】to investigate; to examine
調べるしらべるshiraberu】to examine; to investigate; to check up; to sense; to study; to inquire; to search
事実を調べるじじつをしらべるjijitsuwoshiraberu】to investigate the facts
しらshirabe取り調べるとりしらべるtorishiraberu】to investigate; to examine
調したしらべshitashirabe】preliminary investigation; preparation
調べるしらべるshiraberu】to examine; to investigate; to check up; to sense; to study; to inquire; to search
ととのtotonou調ととのうtotonō】to be prepared; to be in order; to be put in order; to be arranged
調度が調ちょうどがととのうchōdogatotonō】to get fully furnished
ととのえるtotonoeru調えるととのえるtotonoeru】to put in order; to get ready; to raise money
切り調えるきりととのえるkiritotonoeru】to trim (hedges)
縁談を調えるえんだんをととのえるendanwototonoeru】to arrange a marriage
Codepoints and classification codes:
36-20JIS X 0208
0762.0Four Corner
3049De Roo
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