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コウ//    たか.い/taka.i/    たか/taka/    -だか/-daka/    たか.まる/taka.maru/    たか.める/taka.meru/KOU/コウ/    taka.i/たか.い/    taka/たか/    -daka/-だか/    taka.maru/たか.まる/    taka.meru/たか.める/

tall;  high;  expensive Frenchhaut;  élevé;  grand;  cher PortugueseCaro;  alto Spanishalto;  caro;  sobresaliente;  elevar;  levantar

Radical: (tall).   Strokes: 10画.   Elements: 口亠冂.   Pinyin: gāo.   Hangul:  [go].   Nanori:  /  / じょい /  / はかka / ko / joi / ta / haka.

Jōyō Kanji 2nd Grade.   JLPT N5.

Example compounds:
コウ緯度こういどkōido】high latitudes
こうくうkōkū】high altitude
等科こうとうかkōtōka】advanced course
たかtakai可能性がかのうせいがたかいkanōseigatakai】very likely; very probable
たかいtakai】high; expensive
たかtakaたかねtakane】high peak
飛車たかびしゃtakabisha】high-handed; domineering; on one's high horse
はなたかだかhanatakadaka】proudly; triumphantly
たかまるtakamaruまるたかまるtakamaru】to rise; to swell; to be promoted
関心がまるかんしんがたかまるkanshingatakamaru】to take a growing interest in
たかめるtakameruめるたかめるtakameru】to raise; to lift; to boost; to enhance
地位をめるちいをたかめるchiiwotakameru】to raise someone's position; to raise someone's standing
洛陽の紙価をめるらくようのしかをたかめるrakuyōnoshikawotakameru】to be highly-reputed and sell extremely well (of a printed literary work); to raise the price of paper in Luoyang
Codepoints and classification codes:
25-66JIS X 0208
0022.7Four Corner
449De Roo
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