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あゆ(ayu) ayu(あゆ)
Ayu  –name    Google
あらん(aran) aran(あらん)
Aran  –name    Google
つぐお(tsuguo) tsuguo(つぐお)
Tsuguo  –name    Google
やすし(yasushi) yasushi(やすし)
Yasushi  given name
より(yori) yori(より)
Yori  female given name
(yo) yo()
Yo  family name
(yo) yo()
Yo  family name
(yo) yo()
Yo  family name
(yo) yo()
Yo  family name

/I/    /E/    よ.る/    E//よ.る/

reliant;  depend on;  consequently;  therefore;  due to

あおい(aoi) aoi(あおい)あお依
Aoi  female given name
あさよ(asayo) asayo(あさよ)あさ依
Asayo  female given name
あつよ(atsuyo) atsuyo(あつよ)あつ依
Atsuyo  female given name
ようこ(yōko) yōko(ようこ)えう子
Youko  female given name
よいじ(yoiji) yoiji(よいじ)【よいじ】 
Yoiji  given name
よう() (よう)【よう】 
You  female given name
ようか(yōka) yōka(ようか)【ようか】 
Youka  female given name
ようこ(yōko) yōko(ようこ)【ようこ】 
Youko  female given name
ようこ(yōko) yōko(ようこ)よう子
Youko  female given name
よえんざわ(yoenzawa) yoenzawa(よえんざわ)よえん沢
Yoenzawa  place name    Google
よおこ(yōko) yōko(よおこ)【よおこ】 
Yooko  female given name
よおこ(yōko) yōko(よおこ)よお子
Yooko  female given name
よきひ(yokihi) yokihi(よきひ)【よきひ】 
Yokihi  female given name
よきえ(yokie) yokie(よきえ)よき江
Yokie  female given name
よきこ(yokiko) yokiko(よきこ)よき子
Yokiko  female given name
よこあじじま(yokoajijima) yokoajijima(よこあじじま)よこあじ島
Yokoajijima  place name    Google

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