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いん(in) in(いん)
In  family name
ちなみ(chinami) chinami(ちなみ)
Chinami  female given name / family name
ゆかり(yukari) yukari(ゆかり)
Yukari  –name    Google
(te) te()
Te  place name    Google
(te) te()
Te  family name
(te) te()
Te  family name

イン/IN/    よ.る/    ちな.む/イン/よ.る/ちな.む/

cause;  factor;  be associated with;  depend on;  be limited to

てぃお(tio) tio(てぃお)【てぃお】 
Tio  female given name
ていこ(teiko) teiko(ていこ)【ていこ】 
Teiko  female given name
ていこ(teiko) teiko(ていこ)てい子
Teiko  female given name
ていじょ(teijo) teijo(ていじょ)てい女
Teijo  given name
ていどう(teidō) teidō(ていどう)てい童
Teidou  given name
てう(teu) teu(てう)【てう】 
Teu  female given name
ちょう(chō)  ·  てう(teu)irregular chō(ちょう)  ·  teu(てう)irregular【ちょう  ·  てうirregular 
Chou  given name
てくみ(tekumi) tekumi(てくみ)てく美
Tekumi  female given name
てしかがゴルフじょう(teshikagaGORUFUjō) teshikagaGORUFUjō(てしかがゴルフじょう)てしかがゴルフ場
Teshikaga golf links  place name    Google
てそん(teson) teson(てそん)【てそん】 
Teson  female given name
てっぱん(teppan) teppan(てっぱん)【てっぱん】 
Teppan  given name
てつ(tetsu) tetsu(てつ)【てつ】 
Tetsu  female given name
てつこ(tetsuko) tetsuko(てつこ)【てつこ】 
Tetsuko  female given name
てつよ(tetsuyo) tetsuyo(てつよ)【てつよ】 
Tetsuyo  female given name
てつお(tetsuo)  ·  てつを(tetsuwo)irregular tetsuo(てつお)  ·  tetsuwo(てつを)irregular【てつお  ·  てつをirregular 
Tetsuo (Tetsuwo)  male given name
てつえ(tetsue) tetsue(てつえ)てつ江
Tetsue  –name    Google
てつこ(tetsuko) tetsuko(てつこ)てつ子
Tetsuko  female given name
てつじょ(tetsujo) tetsujo(てつじょ)てつ女
Tetsujo  given name
てつよ(tetsuyo) tetsuyo(てつよ)てつ代
Tetsuyo  female given name

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