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Showing entries with female given names only.
しめ(shime)  ·  ()irregular shime(しめ)  ·  ()irregular【しめ  ·  〆irregular 
Shime  female given name
しめえ(shimē)  ·  〆ヱ(〆WE)irregular shimē(しめえ)  ·  〆WE(〆ヱ)irregular【しめえ  ·  〆ヱirregular 
Shimee (Shimewe)  female given name
しめこ(shimeko) shimeko(しめこ)〆子
Shimeko  female given name
しめよ(shimeyo) shimeyo(しめよ)〆代
Shimeyo  female given name
あーみん(āmin) āmin(あーみん)【あーみん】 
A-min  female given name
あーや(āya) āya(あーや)【あーや】 
A-ya  female given name
ああ(ā) ā(ああ)【ああ】 
Aa  female given name
ああさ(āsa) āsa(ああさ)【ああさ】 
Aasa  female given name
あい(ai) ai(あい)【あい】 
Ai  female given name
あいえ(aie) aie(あいえ)【あいえ】 
Aie  female given name
あいか(aika) aika(あいか)【あいか】 
Aika  female given name
あいかしゅん(aikashun) aikashun(あいかしゅん)あいか瞬
Aika Shun (1984.12.8-)  female given name / person    Google
あいき(aiki) aiki(あいき)【あいき】 
Aiki  female given name
あいこ(aiko) aiko(あいこ)【あいこ】 
Aiko  female given name
あいしゃ(aisha) aisha(あいしゃ)【あいしゃ】 
Aisha  female given name
あいす(aisu) aisu(あいす)【あいす】 
Aisu  female given name
あいち(aichi) aichi(あいち)【あいち】 
Aichi  female given name
あいと(aito) aito(あいと)【あいと】 
Aito  female given name
あいな(aina) aina(あいな)【あいな】 
Aina  female given name
あいね(aine) aine(あいね)【あいね】 
Aine  female given name
あいの(aino) aino(あいの)【あいの】 
Aino  female given name
あいみ(aimi) aimi(あいみ)【あいみ】 
Aimi  female given name
あいら(aira) aira(あいら)【あいら】 
Aira  female given name
あいり(airi) airi(あいり)【あいり】 
Airi  female given name
あいりん(airin) airin(あいりん)【あいりん】 
Airin  female given name

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