Results, 詰め


noun / suffix:

  • stuffing; packing - づめ when a suffix


  • end (esp. the foot of a bridge)
  • lowest-ranking guest at tea ceremony
  • tea master
  • endgame (esp. in shogi or used figuratively)
  • sweet eel sauce - abbreviation
  • middle-aged woman - archaism

suffix noun:

  • appointment to a particular workplace
  • using as the sole ground of judgement (judgment)
  • continuing; keep doing for period of time - after the -masu stem of a verb

どのdono電車denshamo通勤者tsuukinshadeぎゅうぎゅうgyuugyuu詰めtsumeだったdatta The trains were jammed with commuters.

最後saigono詰めtsumewo怠ったokotattaばかりにbakarini画竜点睛garyoutenseiwo欠くkakuはめhameになってninatteしまったshimattane You kept putting off working on the fine details on this project so it ended up lacking the finishing touches.


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