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adverb / ~と adverb:

  • successively; one after another

ima私のwatashinoieno付近fukinni住宅juutakuga続々zokuzoku建っているtatteiru In my neighborhood, houses are now being built one after another.

いきいきikiiki Inflection

adverb / ~と adverb / ~する noun:

  • in a lively way; vividly; freshly; animatedly; actively; energetically

ディッケンズDEIKKENZUno考えkangaegaロンドンRONDONno下町shitamachino生き生きikiikiしたshita描写byoushaと共にtotomoni読者dokushaにはniha伝わるtsutawaru Dickens' thoughts come across along with the vivid depiction of old London.


adverb / ~と adverb:

  • steadily
ゆうゆうyuuyuu Inflection

~たる adjective / ~と adverb:

  • quiet; calm; leisurely
  • distant; far off; boundless; endless

~と adverb / adverb:

  • easily; comfortably; without difficulty
てんてんtenten Inflection

adverb / ~と adverb / noun / ~する noun:

  • moving from place to place; being passed around repeatedly
  • rolling about

トムTOMUhaこのkonoヶ月kagetsukan各地kakuchiwo転々tententoshiながらnagara暮らしkurashiteいるiru Tom has been living out of a suitcase for the past two months.

うっかりukkariウッカリUKKARI Inflection

adverb / ~と adverb / ~する noun:

  • carelessly; thoughtlessly; inadvertently - onomatopoeia
うろうろurouroウロウロUROUROうそうそusousoウソウソUSOUSO Inflection

adverb / ~と adverb / ~する noun:

  • loiteringly; aimless wandering; restlessly - onomatopoeia 彷徨く

adverb / ~と adverb:

  • tightly (packed); densely; closely; crammed - onomatopoeia

adverb / ~と adverb:


~と adverb / adverb:

  • promptly; immediately; quickly; without delay - onomatopoeia
  • indifferently - onomatopoeia
すっきりsukkiriスッキリSUKKIRI Inflection

adverb / ~と adverb / ~する noun:

  • refreshingly; with a feeling of relief; pleasantly; (a weight) off one's shoulder - onomatopoeia さっぱり
  • shapely; neatly; refinedly
  • cleanly; without trouble
  • clearly; plainly; distinctly はっきり
  • completely; thoroughly すっかり
  • not at all (with negative sentence); not even slightly さっぱり
ドキドキDOKIDOKIどきどきdokidokiどきんどきんdokindokinドキンドキンDOKINDOKIN Inflection

adverb / ~と adverb:

  • thump-thump; bang-bang; pit-a-pat; pitapat; pitter-patter - onomatopoeia

~する noun:

  • to beat fast (of one's heart); to throb; to pound; to palpitate - onomatopoeia
のろのろnoronoro Inflection

adverb / ~と adverb / ~する noun:

  • slowly; sluggishly - onomatopoeia
ピカピカPIKAPIKAぴかぴかpikapika Inflection

~と adverb / adverb / ~の noun / adjectival noun / ~する noun:

  • with a glitter; with a sparkle - onomatopoeia

~の noun / adjectival noun:

  • brand new; shiny and new - onomatopoeia

noun / adverb / ~と adverb:

  • grunt; grumble; complaint; mutter - onomatopoeia
  • pimples; spots; eruption; rash
  • cutting into small pieces
  • simmering
ニコニコNIKONIKOにこにこnikoniko Inflection

adverb / ~と adverb / ~する noun:

  • with a friendly grin; smilingly - onomatopoeia
フワフワFUWAFUWAふわふわfuwafuwa Inflection

~と adverb / adverb:

  • lightly (floating, drifting, etc.); buoyantly - onomatopoeia

~の noun / adjectival noun / ~と adverb / adverb / ~する noun:

  • soft; fluffy; spongy - onomatopoeia

~と adverb / adverb / ~する noun:

  • unsteadily; flightily; fickly; frivolously - onomatopoeia
やたらyataraateji Inflection

adverb / ~と adverb:

  • indiscriminately; blindly; at random; recklessly; thoughtlessly; excessively; profusely

adjectival noun:

  • indiscriminate; random; excessive

今日kyouno彼のkareno演説enzetsuhaやたらyatara大げさなoogesana言葉kotobaga多くてookutenaniwo言っているitteirunokaよくyokuわからなかったwakaranakatta He used so much inflated language in his speech today I couldn't figure out what he was saying.

ひろびろhirobiro Inflection

~と adverb / adverb / ~する noun / adjectival noun:

彼らのkareranoieno食堂shokudouhaとてもtotemo広々とhirobirotoしているshiteiru Their dining room is very spacious.


~と adverb / adverb:

  • in a row - onomatopoeia

adverb / ~と adverb:

  • keenly; deeply; fully; heartily; seriously; earnestly - onomatopoeia
  • calmly; quietly; softly - onomatopoeia
  • fixedly (e.g. gazing, staring) - onomatopoeia

彼女のkanojono愛情aijougaしみじみshimijimimuneniこたえたkotaeta Her affection came home to my heart.

はきはきhakihaki Inflection

~と adverb / adverb / ~する noun:

  • briskly; smartly; promptly; clearly; lucidly - onomatopoeia

adverb / ~と adverb:

  • here and there; little by little; sporadically; scattered in drops


  • dots; spots

地図chizujounoこのkono点々tentenhananiwo表しているarawashiteiruのですnodesuka What do these dots represent on the map?

いぜんizen Inflection

~たる adjective / ~と adverb / adverb:

3人ga依然izen行方不明yukuefumeiですdesu Three people are still missing.

どうどうdoudou Inflection

~たる adjective / ~と adverb:

  • magnificent; grand; impressive; dignified; majestic; imposing; stately
  • fair; square; open; unashamed; brazen

~と adverb:

  • grandly; boldly; confidently
  • fairly; squarely; unreservedly; brazenly

将軍shougunno堂々doudouとしたtoshitakakuhabaha誰でもdaredemo威圧iatsuされるsareru The general's massive presence awes everyone.


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