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いいii Inflection

~よい adjective:

いいii Inflection

~たる adjective / ~と adverb:

  • having fun; rejoicing - archaism
いいii Inflection

~たる adjective / ~と adverb:

  • easy; simple; plain
いいii Inflection

~と adverb / ~たる adjective:

  • quite willingly; readily; with acquiescence 唯々諾々

Partial results:

いいかげんiikagenirr. Inflection

adjectival noun:

  • irresponsible; perfunctory; careless
  • lukewarm; half-baked; halfhearted; vague
  • reasonable; moderate - usu. in suggestions or orders いい加減にする


  • considerably; quite; rather; pretty

物事monogotowoいいかげんiikagenniするsuruna Don't do things by halves.

このkono静かなshizukana生活seikatsuにはnihaいい加減iikagen飽きてakiteしまったshimatta I'm about tired of this quiet life.

スミスSUMISU夫妻fusainoテレビTEREBIにはnihaいいかげんiikagenうんざりunzariですdesu He's just about had enough of the Smiths' TV.

いいようがないiiyouganai Inflection

expression / adjective:

いいしれぬiishirenu Inflection

pre-noun adjectival:

  • indescribable; inexpressible
いいめいわくiimeiwaku Inflection

expression / noun / adjectival noun:

  • real nuisance; becoming inconvenienced by someone else's problems (through no fault of one's own) - the いい is ironic
いいあとはわるいiiatohawarui Inflection

expression / adjective:

  • after the good comes the bad
いいだくだくiidakudaku Inflection

~たる adjective / ~と adverb:

いいわけがましいiiwakegamashii Inflection


  • seeming like an excuse; seeming like a justification; defensive; in an apologetic tone
いいわけがたたないiiwakegatatanai Inflection

expression / adjective:

  • admitting no excuse
いいなりほうだいiinarihoudai Inflection

adjectival noun:

  • completely submissive to another person
いいきiiki Inflection

adjectival noun / noun:

  • easygoing; optimistic; conceited
いいきみiikimiいいきびiikibi Inflection

noun / adjectival noun:

watashiga失敗shippaiしたshitaときtokikarehaいい気味iikimidato言ったitta When I failed, he said, "It serves you right".

いいづらいiizurai Inflection


  • difficult to speak about
いいたげiitage Inflection

adjectival noun:

  • seeming to want to say something; looking like one wants to give one's opinion
いいようのないiiyounonai Inflection

expression / adjective:

いいがたいiigataiいいがたいiigataiいいにくいiinikuiいいにくいiinikuiいいがたいiigataiいいにくいiinikui Inflection


  • hard to say; inexpressible; hesitant to say
  • embarrassing; delicate - esp. 言いにくい


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