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とくtoku Inflection

godan ~く verb / transitive:

  • to untie; to unfasten; to unwrap; to undo; to unbind; to unpack
  • to unsew; to unstitch
  • to solve; to work out; to answer
  • to dispel (misunderstanding, etc.); to clear up; to remove (suspicion); to appease
  • to dissolve (a contract); to cancel; to remove (a prohibition); to lift (a ban); to raise (a siege)
  • to release (from duty); to relieve; to dismiss
  • to comb (out); to card; to untangle (hair) 梳く【すく】

このkono医師ishihaガンGANno多くookuno不可解なfukakainatenwo解こうhodokouto努力doryokuしているshiteiru The doctor is trying to solve many of the riddles of cancer.

kareha重責juusekiwo解かれたtokareta He was relieved of his heavy responsibility.

彼女kanojohakamiwoくしkushideといてtoiteリボンRIBONde結んだmusunda She combed her hair and bound it with a ribbon.

とくtokuoldold Inflection

godan ~く verb / transitive:

  • to dissolve (paint); to scramble (eggs); to melt (metal, etc.); to mix (water with flour, etc.)
とくtoku Inflection

godan ~く verb:

  • to explain; to advocate; to preach; to persuade

あるaruアメリカAMERIKAno科学者kagakushaウィリアムUIRIAMUキートンKIITONhaこのkononazowo説くtokuためにtameni非常にhijouni面白いomoshiroi実験jikkenwoしましたshimashita One American scientist, William Keeton, used a very interesting experiment to solve this mystery.

とくtokuどくdoku Inflection

auxiliary verb / godan ~く verb:

  • to do something in readiness for; to get something (needful) done - contraction of ..て or で plus 置く
すくsukuとくtokuirr.すくsuku Inflection

godan ~く verb / transitive:

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とくするtokusuru Inflection

~する verb (spec.):

  • to make a profit

私たちwatashitachihaお金okanewo得するtokusuruためにtameni働くhataraku We work to get money.

とくちょうづけるtokuchouzukeru Inflection

ichidan verb:

  • to make characteristic; to characterize

noun or verb acting prenominally:

  • specially appointed; appointed temporarily for a specific task
とくいがるtokuigaru Inflection

godan ~る verb:

  • to be inflated with pride
とくするtokusuru Inflection

~する verb (spec.) / transitive:

  • to lead; to command
  • to superintend; to supervise
  • to press; to demand; to urge
とくになるtokuninaru Inflection

expression / godan ~る verb:

  • to do (a person) good; to bring profit
とくをおこなうtokuwookonau Inflection

expression / godan ~う verb:

  • to practice virtue; to practise virtue
とくしょくづけるtokushokuzukeru Inflection

ichidan verb / transitive:

  • to distinguish; to mark; to differentiate; to characterize


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