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adverb / interjection:

  • why?; for what reason; how; in what way; for what purpose; what for どうやって

どうしてdoushiteあなたanatanio詫び詫biするsuru理由riyuugaあるaruのですnodesuka Why should I apologize to you?

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expression / adverb:

  • by all means; at any cost; no matter what; at any rate; surely
  • whether (one is) willing or not; willingly or unwillingly; willy-nilly
  • on no account; by no means - with. neg. verb
  • in the end; in the long run; after all; eventually

彼女kanojohaどうしてもdoushitemo自分jibunno思い通りomoidooriniしようとするshiyoutosuru She will have her own way.

残念zannenですがdesugaあなたanatano名前namaewoどうしてもdoushitemo覚えられないoboerarenai I'm sorry to say I don't remember your name.

そのsono計画keikakuwo成功seikouさせるsaseruためにtameniha君のkimino援助enjogaどうしてもdoushitemo必要hitsuyouda Your help is indispensable for the success of the scheme.


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