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adverbial noun / ~の noun:

  • each; respectively

そのsono兄弟kyoudaihaそれぞれsorezoreshawo所有shoyuuしているshiteiru Each of the brothers has a car.


noun / adverb:

  • with that; on that note; altogether; ending at that point; cut off there それっ切り

karehaそれきりsorekiri再びfutatabi故国kokokuwoみるmiruことkotohaなかったnakatta He was never to see his native land again.


temporal noun:

  • that much; as much; to that extent; only that; that alone; no more than that

そればかりsorebakarino年金nenkindeha老後rougono生活seikatsuga不安fuanですdesu With only that much pension I'm concerned about life in retirement.



  • expert
  • geisha; prostitute

expression / ~の noun:

  • trivial; insignificant; meager; meagre; that little amount; such a small extent

temporal noun:

  • that much; as much; to that extent; only that; that alone; no more than that; that is all (when finished speaking)

karehawatashiga忠告chuukokuするsuruからといってkaratoitteそれだけsoredakeよくyoku勉強benkyouするsurutoいうiuわけwakeでもないdemonai Despite my warnings, he works no harder.



  • in itself; the thing itself; this itself; for its own sake; per se

お金okaneそれ自体sorejitaiha何のnanino意味imimoないnaiものmonoda Money, as such, has no meaning.

それそうおうsoresouou Inflection

~の noun / adjectival noun / noun:

  • appropriate; suitable; proper; fitting

noun / adverb:

  • no more than that; with that; on that note; altogether - stronger version of それきり それ切り
  • since then; ending there

misehaたたまれtatamareそれっきりsorekkiriだったdatta The store closed down for good.


expression / ~の noun:

  • (not) so much; (not) that much - usu. before a verb in negative form

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