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あちこちachikochiあちらこちらachirakochiraあっちこっちatchikotchiかなたこなたkanatakonataあなたこなたanatakonataobs.アチコチACHIKOCHI Inflection

adverb / pronoun:

  • here and there; all around; everywhere; throughout; all over

~する noun:

  • to get things in the wrong order (back to front); to become muddled up あちこち・あちらこちら・あっちこっち・アチコチ

あちこちachikochideそれsorewo捜したsagashita I have looked for it up and down.



  • that way; over there - archaism


  • that person; him; her - archaism



he; that; the

ホウHOUかたkata~かた kata~がた gata

direction; person; alternative

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