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いただくitadaku Inflection

godan ~く verb / transitive:

  • to receive; to get; to accept; to take; to buy - humble language 貰う
  • to eat; to drink - humble language - polite language
  • to be crowned with; to wear (on one's head); to have (on top) - orig. meaning
  • to have (as one's leader); to live under (a ruler); to install (a president)

auxiliary verb / godan ~く verb:

  • to get somebody to do something - follows a verb in "-te" form - humble language 貰う【もらう】

さんsanno内緒naishoniしてshiteいただくitadakutono約束yakusokuのもとにnomotoni前回zenkai左右sayuu後日談gojitsudanなるnaru駄文dabunwoお送りookuriしましたshimashitaga今回konkaihaそのsono後日談後nichidanですdesu Last time I sent out my humble work, the afterword to "left-right", written on the promise that you'd keep it secret from him, this time it's the afterword to that afterword.

本気honkide似合うniauto思っていたomotteitaらしいrashiiシャツSHATSUha辞退jitaishi淡いawaiブルーBURUUnoポロシャツPOROSHATSUwoいただくitadakuことにしたkotonishita The shirt she apparently seriously thought suited me I turned down and decided to accept a light blue polo shirt.



  • expression of gratitude before meals


  • crown (of head); summit (of mountain); spire - esp. 頂
  • easy win for one - 頂き,戴き
  • something received - 頂き,戴き

今朝kesa起きてokiteみるmirutoyamanoitadakigayukiniおおわれていたoowareteita I awoke this morning to find the summit of the mountain covered with snow.

いただけるitadakeru Inflection

ichidan verb / intransitive verb:

拗音youon(ゃ ゅ ょ)(ya yu yo)to促音sokuonno出しdashikatamo加えてkuwaeteいただけるitadakeruto参考になるsankouninaruかもしれませんkamoshiremasen I think it might be useful if you could add how to output the diphthongs (with small ya/yu/yo) and geminate consonants (with small tsu).



  • coronation ceremony; enthronement


  • one's earthly existence; living under heaven
たいかんtaikan Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • coronation; crowning


  • old people; becoming gray haired (grey)


  • hoopoe (species of Eurasian bird, Upupa epops)


  • (received) present; gift - humble language

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