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ものがたるmonogataru Inflection

godan ~る verb / transitive:

  • to tell; to indicate

子供kodomoga健康kenkoudatoいうiuことkotoha母親hahaoyano育てsodatekataga立派rippaであるdearuというtoiuことkotowo物語るmonogataru The child's good health says a great deal for maternal care.

ものとするmonotosuru Inflection

expression / ~する verb (irregular):

  • shall ... - after a verb, e.g. in a contract
  • to assume; to suppose - Mathematics term
ものをいうmonowoiu Inflection

expression / godan ~う verb:

  • to speak (of something)
  • to be effective; to be powerful; to mean everything
ものになるmononinaru Inflection

expression / godan ~る verb:

  • to prove successful; to come to good; to take hold
ものごとのあかるいめんをみるmonogotonoakaruimenwomiru Inflection

expression / ichidan verb:

  • to look on the bright side
ものごころがつくmonogokorogatsuku Inflection

expression / godan ~く verb:

  • to become old enough to understand what's going on around oneself (of a child, etc.); to reach the age of discretion

noun or verb acting prenominally:

  • fair-minded; sensible
ものなれるmononareru Inflection

ichidan verb:

  • to add to one's experience; to become skillful
ものがあるmonogaaru Inflection

expression / godan ~る verb (irregular):

  • to be the case that - sentence-ending expressing judgement
ものをいわせるmonowoiwaseru Inflection

expression / ichidan verb:

ぶつぎをかもすbutsugiwokamosu Inflection

expression / godan ~す verb:

  • to arouse criticism; to provoke; to cause a controversy; to give rise to hostile comment
ものにするmononisuru Inflection

expression / ~する verb (irregular):

  • to get; to secure; to take possession of; to make one's own; to win (someone's heart)
  • to learn; to master
  • to complete
ものもうすmonomousu Inflection

godan ~す verb / intransitive verb:

  • to speak; to object
ものいうmonoiu Inflection

godan ~う verb / transitive:

  • to talk; to carry meaning



thing; object; matter

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