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みがくmigaku Inflection

godan ~く verb / transitive:

  • to polish; to shine; to brush (e.g. teeth); to grind (e.g. lens)
  • to refine (e.g. a skill); to improve; to cultivate

このkono金属kinzokuha磨くmigakutoつやtsuyagaでるderu This metal burnishes well.

ケイトKEITOga演技engiwo磨くmigakuためにtameni注ぐsosoguchikarawo邪魔jamaするsurumonoha何もnanimoありませんでしたarimasendeshita Nothing could hinder Kate from using all her energy to polish her performances.

とぐtogu Inflection

godan ~ぐ verb / transitive:

  • to sharpen; to hone; to whet; to grind
  • to wash (rice) - esp. 磨ぐ
  • to scour; to polish; to burnish
すれるsureru Inflection

ichidan verb / intransitive verb:

  • to rub; to chafe
  • to wear out; to become worn
  • to lose one's innocence; to become sly

シンとSHINto静まったshizumatta部室bushitsu響くhibikunohaクロッキー帳KUROKKIIchouni擦れるsureru鉛筆enpitsunootoだけdake The club room returned to quiet. All that could be heard was the sound of pencil on sketchpad.

するsuru Inflection

godan ~る verb / transitive:

  • to rub; to chafe; to strike (match); to file; to frost (glass)
  • to lose (e.g. a match); to forfeit; to squander one's money (e.g. through gambling, Pachinko, etc.)


  • polish; improvement; burnishing

おまえomaehayukawoみがきmigakiさえすればsaesurebaよいyoi All you have to do is sweep the floor.

まもうmamouirr. Inflection

noun / ~する noun / ~の noun:

  • wear; abrasion
すりへらすsuriherasu Inflection

godan ~す verb / transitive:

  • to wear away; to rub down; to abrade

すり減らすsuriherasunohaシーツSHIITSUではなくdehanakukutsuniしろshiro Better wear out shoes than sheets.

すりくだくsurikudaku Inflection

godan ~く verb:

  • to rub to pieces; to grind into powder
すりだすsuridasu Inflection

godan ~す verb / transitive:

  • to polish


  • Buddha figure carved on a rock face
みがきたてるmigakitateru Inflection

ichidan verb / transitive:

  • to polish (up); to dress up
すりけすsurikesu Inflection

godan ~す verb:

  • to erase; to efface


  • polishing one's sword; "improving one's talents or knowledge" [figurative] - obscure term
すりくずすsurikuzusu Inflection

godan ~す verb:

  • to rub to pieces


  • ground stone tool; polished stone tool


  • emery paper


  • water that has been used to wash rice


  • whetstone; grindstone
まそんmason Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • wear and tear; abrasion; friction loss
みがきこむmigakikomu Inflection

godan ~む verb / transitive:

  • to polish; to rub up
まめつmametsuirr. Inflection

noun / ~する noun:

  • defacement; abrasion; wear and tear; crushing of a nerve


  • polishing cloth
すりへるsuriheru Inflection

godan ~る verb / intransitive verb:

  • to be worn down; to be reduced

タイヤTAIYAhaゴムGOMUto路面romenno摩擦masatsuによってniyotteすり減るsuriheru Tires wear down because of friction between the rubber and the road surface.



  • polished surface; facet


  • Capricorn (10th zodiacal sign); the Goat

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