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  • clearance hole (hole for a bolt, screw, etc., which is large enough to allow the thread, etc. to pass through)
さすsasu Inflection

godan ~す verb / transitive:

auxiliary verb / godan ~す verb:

  • to let; to allow; to cause - aux. verb indicating the causative
  • to be permitted to - aux. verb indicating the granting of permission
  • to do - aux. verb used as an honorific for others' actions - honorific language


  • swidden - archaism
とおすtoosu Inflection

godan ~す verb / transitive:

  • to stick through; to force through
  • to spread throughout; to thoroughly diffuse
  • to make a path between two points
  • to proceed in a logical manner 筋を通す【すじをとおす】
  • to let pass; to allow through
  • to lead (someone) into (a house, room, etc.); to show in
  • to go through (a middleman)
  • to (look, listen) through (a window, wall, etc.)
  • to pass (a law, applicant, etc.)
  • to force to accept; to force agreement
  • to continue (in a state); to persist in
  • to do to the entirety of; to cover all of; to span the whole ...
  • to do from beginning to end without a break - in the form とおして…する
  • to convey (one's ideas, etc.) to the other party
  • to do to the end; to carry through; to complete - after the -te form of a verb

彼女のkanojono反対hantaihaあるarugaそれsorewoやりyari通すtoosuつもりtsumorida I'm going to go through with it in spite of her opposition.

kareha全くmattaku有能yuunoude自分jibunno立場tachibawo守りmamori通すtoosuことができるkotogadekiru He is quite capable and can hold his own.

karehaやりyariたいtaiことkotowo通すtoosuhitoda He is a man who will do what he wants.

みとめるmitomeru Inflection

ichidan verb / transitive:

  • to recognize; to recognise; to observe; to notice
  • to deem; to judge; to assess
  • to approve; to deem acceptable; to allow
  • to admit; to accept; to confess (to a charge)
  • to watch steadily; to observe carefully
  • to renown; to give renown to; to appreciate; to acknowledge

我々warewarehakareno才能sainouwo認めているmitometeiru We appreciate his talent.

sen写真shashinde異状ijouga認められますmitomeraremasu We have detected an abnormality on your x-ray.

hahaha私のwatashino計画keikakuwoよいyoito認めたmitometa Mother approved my plan.

パスPASU Inflection


  • path

noun / ~する noun:

  • pass (e.g. skipping a move, passing an examination, ticket to allow entry, etc.)
  • pass - Sports term
させるsaseru Inflection

ichidan verb / transitive:

あなたanatano美意識biishikiwo満足manzokuさせるsaseruものmonohananiですかdesuka What is it that satisfies your aesthetic sense?



  • if; in case; if it is the case that; if it is true that - hypothetical form of the copula だ, from なり and sometimes classed as a particle
  • as for; on the topic of なら


  • if that's the case; if so; that being the case - colloquialism - abbreviation それなら
  • if possible; if circumstances allow ならば


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