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Do you need much money?
Spanish¿Te hace falta mucho dinero?
GermanBrauchst du viel Geld?
I am often in difficulties.
FrenchJe suis souvent en difficulté.
PolishMiewam problemy finansowe.
He asked for money.
He is in want of money.
FrenchIl est à la recherche d'argent.
I do not have any money.
SpanishNo tengo nada de dinero.
FrenchJe n'ai pas d'argent.
He had no money.
FrenchIl n'avait pas d'argent.
We need some money.
I'm short of money.
He's a tycoon.
He ran out of money.
This is all the money I have.
I want some money.
My father is exact in money matters.
PolishMój ojciec ogląda każdy grosz.
I have no money today.
PolishNie mam dziś pieniędzy.
You shall have this money.
PolishDam ci te pieniądze.
He is free from money worry.
I do not want any money.
SpanishNo quiero dinero.
He is always short of money.
FrenchIl est toujours à court d'argent.
Health is more important than money.
FrenchLa santé passe avant le porte-monnaie.
Allot the money for R&D.
He is quite indifferent to money.
This expedition will be expensive.
I have got some money.
FrenchJ'ai de l'argent.
I'm short of money.
FrenchJ'ai un problème d'argent.
GermanIch bin knapp bei Kasse.
He wants the money.
It is wrong to steal money.
FrenchC'est mal de voler de l'argent.
GermanGeld zu stehlen ist nicht richtig.
I have no more money in my wallet.
SpanishNo me queda dinero en mi monedero.
Oh dear! I'm short of money.
PolishOch, nie starczy mi pieniędzy!
Do you have small change?
I have no money to buy it.
SpanishNo tengo plata para comprarlo.
Hospitals are very expensive.
He sees everything in terms of money.
Don't worry about money so much.
PolishNie martw się aż tak bardzo o pieniądze.
Should I insert coins first?
FrenchDois-je d'abord mettre les pièces ?
She is exact in money matters.
GermanSie ist in Geldfragen sehr gewissenhaft.
I have no money with me.
Stop arguing about money.
I'll give you back the money tomorrow.
FrenchJe vous rendrai la monnaie demain.
I have a lot of money.
PolishMam dużo pieniędzy.
He is in need of money.
FrenchIl a besoin d'argent.
PolishOna ma problem z pieniędzmi.
They supplied money to him.
Money was borrowed from the friends.
FrenchOn a emprunté de l'argent à un ami.
PolishPożyczyłem pieniądze od przyjaciół.
He borrowed the money in advance.
How would you like them?
I had my money stolen.
SpanishMe robaron el dinero.
I am short of money.
FrenchJe manque d'argent.
All things are obedient to money.
We are short of money.
He has enough money to buy it.
I lent my friend some money.

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