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John said, "Hey guys, let's take a break."
FrenchJohn dit "Hey les gars, faisons une pause."
I've heard that Mary wants a divorce.
PolishMówią, że Mary chce się rozwieść.
Even when she's not wearing makeup, she's very beautiful.
GermanSie ist auch ungeschminkt superniedlich.
I'm sure you'll be sorry if you give it up halfway through.
Isn't Shinji a pain? He is, isn't he?
Let's wrap up this work now and go out drinking.
OK!! Bro!! I don't want to hear any more!
PolishDobra, brachu, ani słowa więcej!
Spanish¡Ya vale, macho! ¡No quiero oir nada más!
Puffing and panting we continued to run with renewed vigor.
That can diagnose anything, quicker and cheaper than a doctor.
If you want to have a row, have it with me.
A man who never makes mistakes is a man who does nothing.
FrenchIl n'y a que ceux qui ne font rien qui ne font pas d'erreurs.
Hah, your 'forbidden magics' aren't going to work with me!
Take it easy. I can assure you that chances are in your favor.
SpanishRelájate. Te puedo asegurar que las chances están a tu favor.
This Sunday let's take a joy ride and see where we end up.
Ha - this work finished! Let's go to next stage!
She never uses paper towels. She is such a tree hugger, you know.
"Right, I'll check your work, OK?" "Please go ahead and inspect. I think I gave it a good go."
Not to be taken lightly, local amusement parks. Couples, families, as far as can be seen people, people, people.
Well, for the practical problem, in the midst of those rumours flying around I'm surprised they've been able to keep that club running.
Not again! Look at those two kissing. They've really got the hots for each other. I can't watch this any more.
PolishNo nie, znowu się całują! Patrz, ależ są zakochani. Jak zawsze. Już nie mogę patrzeć.
This is a plan that takes into account your stature and your ability to guard. By all means do it for me.
The unpopular politician was frequently given the razz by the crowd during his speech.
PolishTen niepopularny polityk wiele razy w trakcie swojego przemówienia budził śmiech tłumu.
If we hang around here any longer there could be reinforcements coming from the second gate to take us in a pincer movement!
Short-term effects of smoking include unfitness, wheezing, a general vulnerability to illness, bad breath, bad skin and so on.
It's not because you have a title, that you're a noble. There are people who have a natural nobility and are fine nobles. People like us who only have nobility titles are not nobles, we're more like peasants.


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