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Do you hear any sound?
Spanish¿Oyes algún sonido?
Something is wrong with the engine.
We want something new.
Do you have an opinion?
I will give you a present.
FrenchJe te donnerai un cadeau.
What is the news?
What's new?
GermanWas gibt es Neues?
PolishCoś nowego?
Whatever is that noise?
Do you have a plan?
What are the measures of times?
GermanWas ist die Maßeinheit für Zeit?
PolishJakie są jednostki czasu?
Do you have some paper or something?
What on earth is the problem?
PolishGdzie u diabła jest problem?
Does he do any sports?
Spanish¿Él practica algún deporte?
PolishCzy on uprawia jakiś sport?
I want something to eat.
I want to eat something.
Would you like to eat something?
PolishZjesz coś?
Spanish¿Quieres comer algo?
Something must be done!
Spanish¡Hay que hacer algo!
What is the purpose of your visit?
Give me something to drink.
GermanBitte geben Sie mir irgendetwas zu trinken.
I am incomplete.
Something is encompassing me.
What would you like to drink?
I want to drink something.
PolishChciałbym się czegoś napić.
Is there any fresh news?
Do you collect anything?
Something stinks here.
SpanishAlgo huele mal por aquí.
GermanIrgendetwas stinkt hier.
Do you have anything to say?
Spanish¿Tienes algo que decir?
Give me something to drink.
Can I have something to eat?
I want something to drink.
FrenchJe veux quelque chose à boire.
SpanishQuiero algo para beber.
Please give me something to drink.
Have you got any baggage?
He needs something to drink.
PolishOn potrzebuje czegoś do picia.
Give me something to eat.
FrenchDonne-moi quelque chose à manger.
I want something to write on.
FrenchJe veux quelque chose pour écrire.
Do you need any food?
Can you hear anything?
I'd like something light.
I need something to write with.
It looks like something's going to happen.
I want something to write on.
Something has stuck in the pipe.
May I have something to drink?
Would you like something to drink?
Won't you have some fruit?
FrenchNe prendriez-vous pas des fruits ?
I would like something to read.
GermanIch möchte etwas zum Lesen.
SpanishQuiero algo para leer.
Give me something to drink.
FrenchDonne-moi à boire.
How would you like your coffee?
Spanish¿Qué le pones al café?
Are you looking for something?
Spanish¿Estás buscando alguna cosa?
I want something cold to drink.
FrenchJe veux quelque chose de frais à boire.

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