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The wind is blowing hard.
The tree was blown down.
A cold wind was blowing.
FrenchUn vent froid soufflait.
The wild wind was blowing.
The wind blew in gusts.
It is blowing very hard.
I heard someone whistle.
FrenchJ'ai entendu quelqu'un siffler.
It's blowing very hard.
FrenchLe vent souffle très fort.
GermanDer Wind weht sehr stark.
The wind blows wherever it pleases.
FrenchLe vent souffle où bon lui semble.
Rose was blowing bubbles.
A gentle wind was blowing.
There's a nice breeze here.
SpanishHay una agradable brisa aquí.
The tree was blown down.
A strong wind was blowing.
We are free from a cold wind today.
The rain was preceded by wind.
The smoke blew away.
The wind is blowing very hard.
There is a strong wind blowing outside.
The children are blowing bubbles.
I blew the candle out.
FrenchJe soufflai la bougie.
The wind blew all day.
Cold winds blow hard every winter.
PolishZimny wiatr wieje w każdą zimę.
He began to whistle a tune.
FrenchIl commença à siffler un air.
He blew out the candle.
FrenchIl souffla la bougie.
The wind blows against the sails.
The wind drifted the sand.
The wind failed us.
He whistled for his dog.
FrenchIl siffla son chien.
GermanEr pfiff nach seinem Hund.
I play trumpet in a symphonic wind orchestra.
FrenchJe joue de la trompette dans un orchestre symphonique d'instruments à vent.
The wind is blowing from the north.
FrenchLe vent souffle du nord.
The wind scattered the leaves about.
FrenchLe vent a éparpillé les feuilles.
The wind blew against the sail.
The wind is blowing from the east.
FrenchLe vent souffle de l'est.
The wind is blowing from the west.
FrenchLe vent souffle de l'ouest.
There is usually a cool breeze here in the evening.
PolishWieczorami często wieje tu chłodny wiaterek.
During the night the wind blew cold.
He whistled as he walked.
It's windier today than it was yesterday.
Wind accompanied the rain.
A strong wind began to set in.
FrenchUn vent fort commença à souffler.
PolishSilny wicher zaczął wiać w kierunku lądu.
My sister was whistling merrily.
A whistle is blown at the start of a game.
The cold wind is blowing from the sea.
A strong wind blew all day long.
Tall buildings may sway in a strong wind.
PolishKiedy wieje silny wiatr, wysokie budynki mogą się chwiać.
There was a cold wind blowing from the north.
The cottages were blown down one after another.
PolishWicher powalił chatki jedną po drugiej.
There was a strong wind that day.
The north wind blew continuously all day.

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