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What a strange guy!
PolishCóż za dziwny typ!
He is a kind and nice fellow.
SpanishEs un tipo simpático y agradable.
He is a self-willed fellow.
What a dishonest fellow!
Spanish¡Qué tipo más deshonesto!
You've got a one-track mind.
FrenchTu as un esprit limité.
PolishZakuta pała z ciebie.
He is utterly impossible.
SpanishEs un tipo completamente insoportable.
You have a lot of nerve!
What a crank he is!
He is a merry fellow.
FrenchC'est un joyeux drille.
What a haughty fellow he is!
You clown you.
I believe he is a nice guy.
He is really a queer fellow!
FrenchC'est vraiment un camarade étrange !
What a disagreeable fellow he is!
I can beat him hands down.
He is a good fellow at heart.
He is a good joker.
He really makes me angry.
You can't hate the guy.
PolishTego faceta nie da się nie lubić.
He is by nature a kind fellow.
Takeo is quite a good fellow in his way.
How slow you are!
He stabbed me in the back!
Spanish¡Me apuñaló por la espalda!
Do you find me a cool guy?
Devil take the hindmost.
We are all suspicious about him.
SpanishTodos sospechamos de él.
He is a proud one, you see.
He seems to be a nice fellow.
FrenchIl a l'air d'être un type bien.
He is a sharp-shooter.
You always try to get what you want.
Those who want to meet, will meet.
You can't let your guard down for a second around that guy.
He is a thoroughly dishonest character.
FrenchC'est un personnage profondément malhonnête.
It is impudent of him to say so.
He is a fox of a man.
He seems like he's got a few screws loose.
PolishFacet nie ma piątej klepki.
For all his faults, he is a good fellow.
He broke the window on purpose.
FrenchIl a fait exprès de casser la fenêtre.
PolishCelowo zbił szybę.
Do you think real neurotics really go and call themselves such?
I didn't know you were that kind of a person.
The guys are sleeping like dogs.
PolishInni śpią jak susły.
The man is quite capable of telling lies.
In fact, he is a nice fellow.
SpanishEn realidad él es un buen tipo.
To do him justice, he is a nice guy.
He set me up for the scandal.
To do him justice, he is a nice guy.
PolishTrzeba przyznać, że to miły facet.
He is always idling about and good for nothing.
I don't go by what he says.
I don't think he's playing with a full deck.
It is useless to reason with a bigot.

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