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My brother is a first-year student.
GermanMein kleiner Bruder ist Erstsemestler.
FrenchMon frère est étudiant en première année.
My brother caught a big fish.
I get along with my younger brother.
My brother is keen on collecting stamps.
FrenchMon frère aime collectionner les timbres.
Shinko's brother is eight.
FrenchLe frère de Shinko a 8 ans.
I have one brother.
FrenchJ'ai un frère.
PolishMam jednego brata.
He looks like your brother.
This bicycle belongs to my brother.
SpanishEsta bicicleta es de mi hermano pequeño.
Mary, this is Joe's brother David.
I gave my brother a dictionary.
FrenchJ’ai donné un dictionnaire à mon frère.
PolishDałem słownik młodszemu bratu.
His brother studies very hard.
He told his brother the story.
My brother has a good memory.
FrenchMon frère a une bonne mémoire.
SpanishMi hermano tiene buena memoria.
I often help my brother with his homework.
PolishCzęsto pomagam młodszemu bratu w lekcjach.
GermanIch helfe meinem kleinen Bruder oft bei den Hausaufgaben.
My younger brother is taller than I am.
FrenchMon plus jeune frère est plus grand que moi.
SpanishMi hermano menor es más alto que yo.
GermanMein jüngerer Bruder ist größer als ich.
My brother polished the silver.
He's been friendly with my kid brother.
My brother leaves his room in a mess.
They mistook him for his brother.
Which of them is your brother?
It is hard to distinguish you from your brother.
I wish Tom were my younger brother.
He was mistaken for his younger brother.
Mike played a bad trick on his brother.
My brother has been sick since yesterday.
My brother hung the picture upside down.
GermanMein Bruder hat das Bild verkehrt herum aufgehangen.
SpanishMi hermano colgó el cuadro al revés.
He mistook me for my younger brother.
FrenchIl m'a confondu avec mon petit frère.
GermanEr hat mich mit meinem kleinen Bruder verwechselt.
My brother is living in San Diego.
He is inferior to his younger brother in English.
He was proud of his brother.
FrenchIl était fier de son frère.
The boy over there is his brother.
Stop playing tricks on your brother.
I am often mistaken for my brother.
Wendy, I'd like you to meet my brother Sam.
My brother depends on me for money.
FrenchMon frère est financièrement dépendant de moi.
PolishMój brat jest zależny ode mnie finansowo.
My brother has been much too rowdy lately.
I mistook you for your brother.
My little brother asked for some money.
GermanMein kleiner Bruder bat um Geld.
My brother and I like the same food.
FrenchMon frère et moi aimons la même nourriture.
GermanMein Bruder und ich mögen dasselbe Essen.
SpanishA mi hermano y a mí nos gusta la misma comida.
I mistook him for my brother.
I helped my brother move his desk.
My brother always gets up earlier than I.
FrenchMon frère se lève toujours plus tôt que moi.
My little brother always sleeps with his teddy bear.
Fred had his little brother paint the fence.
My brother has joined the baseball club.
My little brother can scarcely swim yet.
My brother speaks very fast.
My brother paid double the price.
He is a close friend of my brother.
SpanishÉl es un amigo cercano de mi hermano.
My brother makes friends with anybody soon.

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