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Their morale is high.
They like apples.
GermanSie mögen Äpfel.
They are having dinner.
They have many friends.
They were busy.
They suffered from smog.
Are they American?
Those apples are big.
I like all of them.
Are they friends?
They celebrate Christmas with presents.
Isn't that theirs?
They call Robert "Bob".
Don't associate with them.
Don't associate with them.
They failed the exam.
FrenchIls ont échoué à l'examen.
Their employees live in.
GermanIhre Arbeitnehmer leben am Arbeitsplatz.
Those dogs are big.
RussianТе собаки большие.
They paid separately.
FrenchIls payèrent séparément.
SpanishEllos pagaron por separado.
Their hobby is fishing.
They are my friends.
FrenchCe sont mes amis.
They drink cola.
PolishPiją colę.
They quarreled.
GermanSie haben sich gestritten.
FrenchElles se sont disputées.
ItalianHanno litigato.
They are a good couple.
They are in the same camp.
FrenchIls sont dans le même camp.
GermanSie sind Verbündete.
They'll go shopping.
They are about to start.
They won the day.
RussianОни победили.
Don't make fun of them.
GermanMach dich nicht über sie lustig.
SpanishNo te burles de ellos.
Learning runs in their blood.
They are generous with their money.
PolishPieniądze się ich nie trzymają.
They walked around.
SpanishEllos dieron una vuelta.
They howled with laughter.
They stopped talking.
They offered assistance.
They must be happy.
FrenchIls doivent être heureux.
SpanishNo hay duda de que son felices.
They died in battle.
They exchanged greetings.
SpanishEllos se saludaron.
PolishWymienili pozdrowienia.
They live nearby.
SpanishEllos viven cerca.
PolishMieszkają w pobliżu.
They were from Liverpool.
FrenchIls étaient de Liverpool.
They are free from care.
PolishOni nie mają żadnych zmartwień.
They are loyal to their master.
ItalianSono fedeli al loro padrone.
They stopped talking.
They were swimming.
SpanishEllos nadaban.
This is their house.
GermanDas ist ihr Haus.
RussianЭто их дом.
Their number is great.
SpanishSu número es grande.
They live apart.
SpanishEllos viven separados.
They feel hungry.
FrenchIls avaient faim.
PolishPoczuli głód.
Those houses are big.
PolishTamte domy są duże.
GermanDie Häuser sind groß.
They are my classmates.
PolishTo moi koledzy z klasy.

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