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I made my son a doctor.
My son is small for his age.
FrenchMon fils est petit pour son âge.
GermanMein Sohn ist klein für sein Alter.
His son is eight years old.
John has two sons.
FrenchJohn a deux fils.
My son is studying economics.
Like father, like son.
What does your son do?
FrenchQuel est le travail de votre fils ?
He lost his beloved son.
SpanishÉl perdió a su queridísimo hijo.
She is proud of her son.
FrenchElle est fière de son fils.
GermanSie ist stolz auf ihren Sohn.
They are disappointed in their son.
FrenchIls sont déçus par leur fils.
PolishSą zawiedzeni synem.
He made his son a teacher.
He prides himself on his son.
FrenchIl est fier de son fils.
She was bereaved of a son.
He was bereaved of his son.
PolishStracił syna.
He made his son a wealthy man.
FrenchIl a fait de son fils un homme riche.
He has another son.
FrenchIl a un autre fils.
GermanEr hat noch einen Sohn.
I made my son a doctor.
FrenchJ'ai fait de mon fils un médecin.
They named their son John.
FrenchIls ont appelé leur fils John.
He named his son James.
They named their son John.
RussianОни назвали своего сына Джоном.
She wept over her son's death.
PolishPłakała po śmierci syna.
He is the only child they have.
FrenchC'est le seul enfant qu'ils aient.
PolishTo ich jedyny syn.
My son is taller than I am.
SpanishMi hijo es más alto que yo.
My sons are in the heyday of youth.
His son trembled with fear.
SpanishSu hijo temblaba de terror.
PolishJego syn drżał ze strachu.
I put my son through college.
My son owes what he is to you.
I am disappointed in my son.
PolishJestem rozczarowany moim synem.
Their son grew bigger.
I'm proud of my son.
GermanIch bin stolz auf meinen Sohn.
They spoke well of their grandson.
She lost her son in the war.
FrenchElle a perdu son fils dans la guerre.
Her son was killed in the accident.
FrenchSon fils est mort dans l'accident.
GermanIhr Sohn kam bei einem Unfall ums Leben.
She has no less than seven sons.
FrenchElle n'a pas moins de sept fils.
The son asked a question of his mother.
She has no fewer than seven sons.
SpanishElla tiene siete hijos.
He is justly proud of his son.
FrenchIl est naturel qu'il soit fier de son fils.
We call his son Jimmy.
SpanishA su hijo lo llamamos Jimmy.
She was desirous of her son's success.
He taught his son how to swim.
He embraced his son warmly.
Our son was killed in the war.
PolishNasz syn zginął na wojnie.
SpanishNuestro hijo murió en batalla.
He pulled his son by the ear.
She prayed for her son's return.
FrenchElle a prié pour le retour de son fils.
I went for a walk with my son.
SpanishFui a pasear con mi hijo.
He admonished his son for being lazy.
His son has a gift for music.
PolishJego syn ma talent muzyczny.
GermanSein Sohn hat eine Begabung für die Musik.
His son troubled him most.
She has buried her only son.
My son can read a clock.
FrenchMon fils sait lire l'heure.

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