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Father is well as usual.
FrenchPère est en bonne santé comme d'habitude.
GermanMein Vater ist nach wie vor gesund.
Time is the father of truth.
FrenchLe temps est père de vérité.
My father likes tennis.
GermanMein Vater mag Tennis.
PolishMój ojciec lubi tenis.
My father is a teacher.
GermanMein Vater ist Lehrer.
Her father is a policeman.
FrenchSon père est policier.
PolishJej ojciec jest policjantem.
My father has been busy.
PolishMój ojciec jest ciągle zajęty.
GermanMein Vater ist dauernd beschäftigt.
My father goes jogging every morning.
PolishMój ojciec co rano biega.
SpanishMi papá va a trotar todas las mañanas.
Father is coming home tomorrow.
FrenchPapa rentre à la maison demain.
SpanishPapá vuelve mañana.
My Dad doesn't like soccer.
My father's car is new.
FrenchLa voiture de mon père est neuve.
Mom is older than Dad.
PolishMama jest starsza od taty.
GermanMama ist älter als Papa.
My father goes jogging every morning.
SpanishMi papá va a trotar todas las mañanas.
My father died of cancer.
FrenchMon père est mort d'un cancer.
My father is out.
FrenchMon père est sorti.
My father is absent on business.
FrenchMon père est absent à cause de son travail.
My father's car is new.
My father is a doctor.
FrenchMon père est médecin.
ItalianMio padre è un dottore.
GermanMein Vater ist ein Doktor.
My father is young.
My father is always busy.
Father is busy writing letters.
Father is still in bed.
FrenchPère est encore au lit.
My father likes strong coffee.
FrenchMon père aime le café fort.
SpanishA mi papá le gusta el café fuerte.
Jim's father always comes home late.
GermanJims Vater kehrt spät Heim.
My father is free on Saturday.
My father is exact in money matters.
PolishMój ojciec ogląda każdy grosz.
My father is free this afternoon.
Father has gone fishing.
My father was busy.
FrenchMon père était occupé.
GermanMein Vater war beschäftigt.
ItalianMio padre era occupato.
SpanishMi papá estaba ocupado.
Is his father a doctor?
My father finally compromised.
Father recovered his health.
FrenchPère a recouvré la santé.
Unfortunately, my father isn't at home.
SpanishPerdón pero mi padre no está en casa.
Professor Hudson is my father's friend.
FrenchLe professeur Hudson est un ami de mon père.
I wish to see my father.
Is her father a teacher?
My father likes his job.
SpanishA mi padre le gusta su trabajo.
My father goes jogging every morning.
SpanishMi papá va a trotar todas las mañanas.
GermanMein Vater macht jeden Morgen einen Dauerlauf.
My father grows rice.
She gave her father a tie.
PolishPodarowała ojcu krawat.
My father drives very well.
SpanishMi padre maneja muy bien.
My father is a bit old-fashioned.
My father is very tired.
PolishOjciec jest bardzo zmęczony.
My father stopped drinking.
FrenchPère a arrêté de boire.
My father lives in the country.
GermanMein Vater wohnt auf dem Lande.
This watch is my father's.
My father drives very well.
FrenchMon père conduit très bien.
SpanishMi padre maneja muy bien.
My father got well again.
My father drives to work.
PolishOjciec jeździ do pracy samochodem.
My father has gone to China.
Father determined to stop smoking.
GermanVater entschloss sich, mit dem Rauchen aufzuhören.

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