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You throw a good ball nowadays, Keiichi.
GermanDu hast den Ball wirklich gut werfen gelernt, Keiichi.
A red ball is mixed in with the white ones.
Beads of sweat stood on his forehead.
FrenchIl y avait des gouttes de sueur sur son front.
There were beads of sweat on his forehead.
Galileo dropped two iron balls from the top of the tower.
My brother was the apple of my father's eye.
Our love affair was as short-lived as a soap-bubble.
His naked back and arms were beaded with sweat.
In tennis and ping-pong backhand the hand is turned backwards in making the stroke.
Why do the five yen coin and the fifty yen coin have holes in the center?
Spanish¿Por qué las monedas de cinco y cincuenta yenes tienen un agujero en el centro?
He works fast and is very articulate but his insincerity is his biggest defect.
The feathered balls you hit with a battledore are the seeds of a large tree called 'soapberry'.
The suicide bomber fired towards former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, but missed.
That's because, you see, I've known he isn't that sort of person from a long time back.
We were afraid that we might be hit by a bullet, so we ran downstairs.
PolishBaliśmy się, że dostaniemy kulkę, więc zbiegliśmy do piwnicy.
Bolas are made up of a long cord with two stone balls at the free ends.
The checked player must find a way for the king to escape and block the check.
If you float a one yen coin on water and move a magnet slowly towards it then the coin will approach the magnet.
SpanishSi dejas una moneda de un yen flotando en el agua y le acercas lentamente un imán, entonces la moneda se acercará al imán.
Fred has very little patience, and it doesn't take much to make him fly off the handle.
Sharapova's shots are very fast but...a fast ball means that it will come back that much faster.
The boss said this group is a real mixed bag. I wonder if he places me with the wheat or the chaff.
It would only take 100 or 500 yen coins, so I search for change but don't find any.
PolishPasują tylko monety 100- lub 500-jenowe, więc szukałem drobnych, ale nie mam.
In Korea, there's a popular theory that says that: "If you eat a quarter of an Iceberg lettuce, you will fall asleep". Thus, amongst truck drivers in Korea, lettuce is known as something that should not be eaten before work.
FrenchSelon le folklore local, on dit que : "Si tu manges un quart de laitue iceberg, tu t'endormiras". En Corée, la laitue est donc considérée comme une nourriture qu'il ne faut pas manger avant le travail par les conducteurs de camion.
PolishW Korei uważa się, że po zjedzeniu ćwiartki sałaty lodowej człowiek robi się śpiący, więc kierowcy wiedzą, że nie wolno jej jeść przed pracą.


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