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My grandmother lives in the country.
FrenchMa grand-mère habite à la campagne.
Country people are often afraid of strangers.
GermanMenschen auf dem Lande haben oft Angst vor Fremden.
I was brought up in the country.
PolishWychowywałem się na wsi.
I'd like to move in to the country.
He has an estate in the country.
FrenchIl possède un domaine à la campagne.
My parents live in the country.
My mother lives a lonely life in the country.
GermanMeine Mutter wohnt alleine auf dem Lande.
I was born and raised in the country.
GermanIch bin auf dem Land geboren und aufgewachsen.
FrenchJe suis née et j'ai été élevée à la campagne.
SpanishNací y crecí en el campo.
I go to the country every summer.
FrenchTous les étés, je vais à la campagne.
GermanIch gehe jeden Sommer aufs Land.
SpanishTodos los veranos voy al campo.
He has a nice place in the country.
Rural life appeals to me very much.
The old cottage has a certain charm about it.
PolishW tym starym, wiejskim domku jest jakiś urok.
FrenchLa vieille maison de campagne a un certain charme en elle-même.
My parents live at ease in the country.
GermanMeine Eltern führen ein sorgloses Leben auf dem Lande.
I would like to live in the quiet country.
PolishChciałbym żyć w spokojnej wiosce.
He prefers the country to the town.
FrenchIl préfère la campagne à la ville.
Country life is healthier than city life.
SpanishLa vida en el campo es más saludable que en la ciudad.
I was born and raised in the country.
GermanIch bin auf dem Land geboren und aufgewachsen.
FrenchJe suis née et j'ai été élevée à la campagne.
PolishUrodziłem się i wychowałem na wsi.
I visited my father's hometown last summer.
You will soon be used to rural life.
PolishWkrótce przywykniesz do wiejskiego życia.
You'll soon get used to living in the country.
He has begun to enjoy country life.
He loves to hike in the quiet countryside.
She found it dull living in the country.
GermanSie fand das Landleben öde.
He led a very peaceful life in the country.
People in towns are attracted by life in the country.
PolishLudzie z wielkich miast tęsknią za życiem na wsi.
Country people are traditionally suspicious of strangers.
FrenchLes gens de la campagne sont traditionnellement soupçonneux envers les étrangers.
Living in the country, I have few visitors.
Buses in the country do not usually come on time.
FrenchDans ce pays les bus ne sont en général pas à l'heure.
Life in the country is not always tranquil.
I would rather live alone in the country.
A lot of trees grow in the countryside.
Old practices died hard in the country.
Kevin was brought up by his aunt in the country.
The countenance of the countryside has changed.
Her mother lives in the country all by herself.
FrenchSa mère vit à la campagne toute seule.
It is difficult to find a happy medium between city and countryside.
She leads a life of ease in the country.
FrenchElle mène une vie paisible à la campagne.
His car broke down in remote countryside.
PolishSamochód zepsuł się w zapadłej wiosce.
He is leading an easy life in the country.
My dream is to live a quiet life in the country.
She lived a quiet life in the country.
We live in the country during the summer.
GermanWährend des Sommers leben wir auf dem Land.
They lived in the countryside during the war.
City dwellers have a higher death rate than do country people.
FrenchLes habitants des villes ont un taux de mortalité supérieur à celui des gens de la campagne.
Whether he will succeed or not depends upon his health.
RussianВыиграет он или нет, зависит от его здоровья.
I'd like to live a quiet life in the country after retirement.
GermanNach meiner Pensionierung möchte ich ein ruhiges Leben auf dem Lande verbringen.
We spent our holiday exploring rural France.
He lives all by himself in the country.
PolishMieszka na wsi, zupełnie sam.
Her mother lives in the country all by herself.
FrenchSa mère vit seule à la campagne.
Her mother lives in the country all by herself.
PolishJej matka mieszka na wsi zupełnie sama.

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