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She looked out through the hole.
The dog was digging a hole.
There is a hole in his sock.
He embezzled the money from his office.
There were holes here and there.
He filled up the hole in the wall.
FrenchIl a bouché le trou dans le mur.
GermanEr füllte das Loch in der Wand auf.
PolishZatkał dziurę w ścianie.
The rat made a hole in the wall.
The soldier took shelter in the foxhole.
We dug a hole in the ground.
RussianМы вырыли в земле яму.
He dug the hole bit by bit.
PolishPomału wykopał całą dziurę.
I wish I could sink through the floor.
He stared a hole through her.
We've got to fill this hole with something.
The glove has a hole in the thumb.
There's a hole in the bottom of the bucket.
There's a big hole in your sock.
Look out. There's a hole in the road.
Spanish¡Ten cuidado, hay un agujero en la carretera!
GermanPass auf, da ist ein Loch in der Straße.
The prisoner dug a hole under the prison wall.
The diameter of the hole was slightly larger.
The runner jumped over the hole in the ground.
PolishBiegacz przeskoczył przez dziurę w ziemi.
Look out! There's a hole in the road.
His cigarette burned a hole in her dress.
PolishWypaliła papierosem dziurę w sukience.
A mouse scurried out of the hole.
It happened that there was a hole in my pocket.
A rat chewed a hole in the wall.
The fox hid in the hollow tree.
RussianЛиса спряталась в дуплистом дереве.
The dog has bitten a hole in my sleeve.
I'm so embarrassed I could dig a hole and crawl into it.
Holes gaped open in the streets after the earthquake.
FrenchDes trous s'ouvrirent dans les rues après le tremblement de terre.
This hole was formed by a falling of a meteorite.
GermanDieses Loch bildete sich durch einen Meteoriteneinschlag.
Watch out! There's a big hole there.
They intended to drill for oil.
The jagged edge ripped a hole in his trousers.
The small dog dug a hole and put his food in it.
Sometimes I feel like kicking my own rump.
He noticed a hole in his jacket, but he tried to ignore it.
FrenchIl remarqua un trou dans sa veste, mais essaya de l'ignorer.
She passed the thread through the pinhole and quickly mended the tear.
What has many holes but is good for holding liquid?
He was so fat that he couldn't get through the hole.
I've botched things up so bad I wish I could find a hole to climb into.
A spider can produce a silky substance from tiny openings on its underside.
Why do the five yen coin and the fifty yen coin have holes in the center?
Spanish¿Por qué las monedas de cinco y cincuenta yenes tienen un agujero en el centro?
Willie accidentally let off his father's shotgun and made a hole in the wall.
On colder days, they curl up or dig a pot in the snow.
I've botched things up so bad I wish I could find a hole to climb into.
Let me apologize once again for missing out on our meeting.
After the earthquake, people stared into the deep hole in the ground in surprise.
The leather jacket has worn out at the elbow.
Forgetting his key, he was able to open the door by inserting a wire in the key hole.
I'm so sorry about what I did. I wish I could just crawl into a hole and die.

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