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The boy is far from a fool.
He's by no means satisfied.
I am quite unqualified to teach them.
He is definitely not a gentleman.
He won the third prize.
There is nothing new under the sun.
PolishNic nowego pod słońcem.
I don't care what you were.
We ate sandwiches, cakes, and so on.
We cannot subdue nature.
They are pleased with your work.
Man fears disasters such as floods and fires.
SpanishEl hombre le teme a los desastres como las inundaciones y los incendios.
He thinks nothing of his illness.
The choice of presents makes no difference to us.
I am in no mood for joking.
FrenchJe ne suis pas d'humeur à blaguer.
I have no mind to go for a walk.
FrenchJe ne suis pas d'humeur à faire de la marche.
He is anything but a poet.
I like mathematics, chemistry and the like.
FrenchJ'aime les matières comme les mathématiques ou la chimie.
He says he is above failure.
He never takes medicine for his cold.
What you think doesn't signify at all.
He got the first prize.
Can computers actually translate literary works?
FrenchEst-ce que les ordinateurs peuvent traduire les œuvres littéraires ?
Nowadays nobody believes in ghosts.
RussianСейчас никто не верит в привидений.
Nobody ever praises him.
It looks like he might win first prize.
I can't afford to buy a car.
I'm not in the least afraid of snakes.
He is rarely in a good mood.
We cannot conceive science without a hypothesis.
Two second-class tickets to A, please.
Investigators uncovered an assassination plot.
Is there anyone there? Where am I?
He is the last man to tell a lie.
None of the students like tests at school.
There used to be no freedom of the press.
He needn't have come himself.
FrenchIl n'avait pas besoin de venir lui-même.
I can't face this life alone.
I don't want to hear you speak.
FrenchJe n'ai pas envie de vous entendre parler.
I don't want to see your faces.
Don't pay any attention to the boss.
I have no faith in a silly superstition.
FrenchJe ne crois pas en une superstition imbécile.
She resolved not to pay the fine.
GermanSie beschloss, die Geldbuße nicht zu bezahlen.
I bought bread, coffee, sugar and the like.
FrenchJ'ai entre autres acheté du pain, du café et du sucre.
SpanishYo compré pan, café, azúcar, entre otros.
He doesn't have a particle of kindness in his heart.
His proposal is completely out of the question.
He bought pencils, notebooks, dictionaries and so on.
He is rarely in a good mood.
FrenchIl est rarement de bonne humeur.
PolishOn rzadko bywa w dobrym humorze.
I can't pretend to like him.
Doubt is entirely absent from his mind.
FrenchLe doute est entièrement absent de son esprit.
It was Janet that won first prize.
FrenchCe fut Janet qui gagna le premier prix.

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