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I can't put up with this noise.
She is a glutton for punishment.
GermanSie ist jemand, der jede Art von Strapazen durchstehen kann.
She bore her misfortunes with a brave spirit.
He was impatient under his sufferings.
I can't put up with his insolence.
GermanIch kann seine Frechheit nicht ertragen.
PolishNie mogę znieść jego chamstwa.
Carol couldn't choke back her tears.
FrenchCarole n'a pas pu retenir ses larmes.
PolishCarol nie umiała powstrzymać łez.
Some people cannot bear traveling by sea.
GermanManche Menschen können Schiffsreisen nicht ausstehen.
I can't stand the heat.
I could hardly resist laughing.
He cannot put up with hard training.
GermanEr kann das strenge Training nicht aushalten.
She put up with the pain quite well.
She couldn't help bursting into laughter.
There are various ways of enduring the pain.
He tried to keep back his tears.
He's quite able at his job.
I can't stand this hot weather.
I can't stand that attitude of his.
I can't stand this hot summer.
I couldn't bear to look at her.
GermanIch konnte es nicht ertragen, sie anzusehen.
My health is not equal to the voyage.
She couldn't stop the tears.
I can no longer stand the cold.
I could not bear to see the scene.
I can't face this life alone.
I can't stand dirty old men in the subway.
I can't stand the cold here.
I cannot bear such an insult.
You have to endure a lot of hardships in life.
My mother has borne her sorrow admirably.
GermanMeine Mutter hat ihre Trauer eisern ertragen.
SpanishMi madre ha soportado la melancolía de manera admirable.
I can't put up with all that noise.
I was a constant torment to my parents.
I can't bear to work with him.
I can not bear living in this apartment any longer.
I can't bear living alone.
PolishNie znoszę samotnego życia.
I'm sure I can overcome any difficulty.
This ship is not fit for an ocean voyage.
I can't stand this noise any longer.
GermanIch halte nicht mehr diesen Lärm aus.
He had to undergo many trials.
GermanEr musste vielen Prüfungen standhalten.
Hunger drove him to steal.
I can bear this broken heart no longer.
FrenchJe ne peux supporter ce cœur brisé plus longtemps. Je dois cesser de penser à elle.
She could not put up with the insult.
GermanSie konnte die Beleidigung nicht ertragen.
She held back her anger, and smiled graciously.
SpanishElla contuvo su rabia y sonrió gentilmente.
I had to stand a trying situation.
SpanishTuvimos que soportar una posición complicada.
His speech was intolerably dull.
He can't endure my selfishness any more.
FrenchIl ne peut pas supporter mon égocentrisme plus longtemps.
She bore her grief with dry eyes.
GermanSie ertrug ihre Trauer, ohne eine einzige Träne zu vergießen.
They had to endure a hard life.
I can't stand being disturbed in my work.
PolishNie znoszę, jak mi się przeszkadza w pracy.
He could not bear to see the scene.
His work won't bear close examination.

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