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He was discharged from the army.
She got a position as a typist.
Have you heard whether Tom got the job?
He accepted his appointment as chairman.
Job security is a priority over wages.
He obtained a post in the company.
PolishDostał etat w tej firmie.
He's quite able at his job.
You should change your job if the occasion arises.
He is worried about losing his job.
FrenchIl est soucieux de perdre son emploi.
GermanEr ist besorgt, den Arbeitsplatz zu verlieren.
A lot of people applied for the job.
FrenchBeaucoup de personnes ont postulé le travail.
SpanishMuchísima gente solicitó ese puesto.
PolishWiele osób aplikowało o tę posadę.
I long for a job as a flight attendant.
He was able to get work in that town.
The profession is attractive to women.
PolishTen zawód jest atrakcyjny dla kobiet.
She got a part-time job as a typist.
My poor English cost me my job.
I hope he will succeed in his new position.
She was especially selected for the post.
PolishZostała wybrana specjalnie na to stanowisko.
He got a position as a clerk.
May I count on you to get me the job?
Millions of workers lost their jobs.
FrenchDes millions de travailleurs perdirent leurs emplois.
He was the very man for such a position.
PolishBył idealnym człowiekiem na to stanowisko.
GermanEr war für einen solchen Posten die passende Person.
I persuaded him to resign the post.
Proper qualifications are required for the position.
This is an important thing for all of you.
He came to Tokyo in search of employment.
FrenchIl vint à Tokyo à la recherche d'un emploi.
He will get his job back at the next election.
I hope he will make good in his new position.
SpanishCreo que él tendrá éxito en su nuevo puesto.
PolishMyślę, że poradzi sobie w nowej pracy.
My husband is out of work and looking for a job.
PolishMój mąż jest bezrobotny i szuka pracy.
SpanishMi esposo está desempleado y busca trabajo.
He boosted her into the job.
Tom is going to apply for a job with a computer company.
We have no call to appoint him to the post.
PolishNie ma potrzeby mianować go na to stanowisko.
Senior executives spend a lot of time training their subordinates.
He got the job by virtue of his father's connections.
No one but a strong man is fit for the post.
Fred spent all day looking for a job.
FrenchFred passa toute la journée à chercher un travail.
He's resigned his position as chairman of the committee.
He has a good position in a government office.
I should be glad if you got the job.
He sensed that threat early in his career.
I am going to leave my present job.
I'm not entirely satisfied with my position.
Clerks with sticky fingers won't keep their jobs for long.
Ought he to be forced out of the presidency?
GermanSollte er zwangsweise aus dem Präsidentenamt zurücktreten?
Tom is going to apply for a job with a computer company.
He came to New York in order to look for a job.
PolishPrzyjechał do Nowego Jorku szukać pracy.
Persons with special skills can easily get jobs.
I made five applications for jobs but got nothing.
There were a good many candidates for the position.
The consequence was that she lost her job.
I was able to get a job through the good offices of my friend.

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