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He was elected president.
FrenchIl a été élu président.
You should choose your friends very carefully.
He chose his words carefully.
Choose between these two.
SpanishElige entre estos dos.
Mother chose this curtain.
PolishTo mama wybierała te zasłony.
They elected her chairperson.
We elected him to be mayor.
FrenchNous l'avons élu pour qu'il soit maire.
SpanishLo elegimos para alcalde.
She chose the red dress.
We elected him chairman.
I would prefer an honorable death.
GermanIch würde einen ehrenvollen Tod bevorzugen.
PolishWolałbym umrzeć honorowo.
We chose John to be captain.
We elected her chairperson.
We elected her mayor.
FrenchNous l'avons élu maire.
I chose a word carefully.
Choose between the two.
We elected him mayor.
We adopt him as our representative.
FrenchNous l'avons adopté comme notre représentant.
Who will be elected chairman?
Choose your favorite racket.
FrenchChoisissez votre raquette préférée.
I should have taken the money.
FrenchJ'aurais dû prendre l'argent.
The alternatives are liberty and death.
Choose a dress you like.
PolishWybierz taką sukienkę, jaką chcesz.
They elected Taro captain of their team.
SpanishEligieron a Taro como capitán del equipo.
They elected John captain of their team.
SpanishEligieron a John como capitán del equipo.
We elected Jack chairman.
A bad carpenter quarrels with his tools.
FrenchUn mauvais travailleur blâme toujours ses outils.
We selected the chairman by a vote.
He elected painting as a career.
SpanishÉl eligió la pintura como carrera.
GermanEr erwählte die Malerei zu seinem Beruf.
Make your choice.
SpanishEscoge el que sea de tu agrado.
The end justifies the means.
SpanishEl fin justifica los medios.
PolishCel uświęca środki.
Choose any dress you like.
FrenchChoisis la robe que tu veux.
He's likely to be chosen.
We chose her to be our leader.
He was elected captain of the team.
He chose education for his career.
He made law his life career.
FrenchIl a choisi d'être avocat dans la vie.
SpanishÉl eligió la ley como su trabajo de por vida.
PolishWybrał karierę prawniczą.
Choose any flowers you like.
We elected her captain of our team.
I would choose honor before money.
We elected him our leader.
GermanWir erwählten ihn zu unserem Anführer.
He was chosen by election.
FrenchIl a été choisi par élection.
They held off choosing Mike as captain.
Choose whichever you like.
Which way did you choose?
You have the choice of soup or salad.
Choose between these two.
FrenchChoisis entre les deux.
Choose any of these pens.
Choose whichever you want.
ItalianScegli quello che vuoi.
Who do you think will be chosen?
Do I take choice among these?

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