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I've decided to be more positive and give it all I've got.
With your mother in the hospital, you'll have to work harder.
Even though we tried hard, we couldn't beat Jane.
You can make it! Go for it. I'll stand by you.
PolishDasz radę, jedź! Wspieram cię.
GermanDu kannst es schaffen, streng dich an. Ich werde dich nicht im Stich lassen.
If you are to do well in school, you must study hard.
GermanWenn du in der Schule gut sein willst, musst du fleißig lernen.
No, we'll be in fighting shape in just a month or two.
I'm expecting a decent catch, so please try your best at fishing for us.
GermanIch erwarte einen anständigen Fang, also streng dich bitte beim Angeln an.
I was going to try to get into Tokyo University, but I've changed my mind.
If you had made more effort, you would have passed the entrance examination.
We've been moping around too much. It's time to pull ourselves together and keep trying.
We'll have to try and make the best of it.
Sending manuscript after manuscript paid off. A magazine finally published my work.
FrenchÀ force d'envoyer des manuscrits les uns après les autres, ça a fini par payer, un magazine m'a finalement publié.
Try as you may, you will not be able to read as many as five novels in a day.
I worked hard till late last night, so I'll have to catch some z's after lunch if it's possible.



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