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じゅうのう/juunou/ juunou/じゅうのう/十能
  • noun:
    1. fire shovel;  fire pan
じゅうばい/juubai/ juubai/じゅうばい/十倍
  • noun:
    1. ten times;  tenfold
じっぷん/jippun/ · じゅっぷん/juppun/ jippun/じっぷん/ · juppun/じゅっぷん/十分
じっぽん/jippon/ · じゅっぽん/juppon/ jippon/じっぽん/ · juppon/じゅっぽん/十本
じゅうもく/juumoku/ juumoku/じゅうもく/十目
  • noun:
    1. all eyes
じっかい/jikkai/ · じゅっかい/jukkai/ jikkai/じっかい/ · jukkai/じゅっかい/十回
  • noun:
    1. ten times
じってつ/jittetsu/ · じゅってつ/juttetsu/irregular jittetsu/じってつ/ · juttetsu/じゅってつ/irregular十哲
  • noun:
    1. ten great disciples (e.g. of Basho, Confucius, etc.)
じっかい/jikkai/ jikkai/じっかい/十戒 · 十誡
  • noun:
    1. 十戒the 10 precepts  —Buddhist term.
    2. Ten Commandments;  Decalogue;  Decalog
どくだみ/dokudami/ · ドクダミ/DOKUDAMI/ dokudami/どくだみ/ · DOKUDAMI/ドクダミ/十薬 · 毒痛み · 蕺草outdated
じゅうやく/juuyaku/ juuyaku/じゅうやく/十薬
  • noun:
    1. chameleon plant (Houttuynia cordata)  —Usually written using kana alone.
じゅうねん/juunen/ juunen/じゅうねん/十年
  • noun:
    1. ten years;  decade
じっさつ/jissatsu/ · じっせつ/jissetsu/ jissatsu/じっさつ/ · jissetsu/じっせつ/十刹outdated
  • noun:
    1. ten important Rinzai temples, second in significance to the Kyoto Gozan  —Obscure term.
じっかい/jikkai/ jikkai/じっかい/十界
  • noun:
    1. ten spiritual realms  —Buddhist term.
じゅうじ/juuji/ juuji/じゅうじ/十地
  • noun:
    1. dasabhumi (forty-first to fiftieth stages in the development of a bodhisattva)  —Buddhist term.
じゅうあく/juuaku/ juuaku/じゅうあく/十悪
  • noun:
    1. the ten abominations (the ten most grievous offenses under traditional Chinese law)   八虐
    2. the ten evil deeds  —Buddhist term.   十善
じゅうぜん/juuzen/ juuzen/じゅうぜん/十善
じっぽう/jippou/ jippou/じっぽう/十方
  • noun:
    1. the ten directions (north, northeast, east, southeast, south, southwest, west, northwest, up & down)
    2. all directions;  everywhere
じゅうごう/juugou/ juugou/じゅうごう/十号
  • noun:
    1. ten epithets (of Buddha)
といち/toichi/ · トイチ/TOICHI/ toichi/といち/ · TOICHI/トイチ/十一
じゅうおう/juuou/ juuou/じゅうおう/十王
  • noun:
    1. ten rulers of the afterlife (who judge the dead and determine their placement in their next life)  —Buddhist term.
じゅうや/juuya/ juuya/じゅうや/十夜
じゅうぎゅう/juugyuu/ juugyuu/じゅうぎゅう/十牛
  • noun:
    1. Ten Bulls (ten stages of the herding of an ox, used as an analogy for training the mind on the path to enlightenment)  —Buddhist term.


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