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ほんらん/honran/common honran/ほんらん/common本欄
  • noun:
    1. this column
ほんば/honba/common honba/ほんば/common本場
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. home;  habitat;  center;  centre;  best place
    2. authentic;  genuine
ほんばこ/honbako/common honbako/ほんばこ/common本箱
もともと/motomoto/common motomoto/もともと/common元々 · 本々 · 元元 · 本本
ほんかん/honkan/common honkan/ほんかん/common本館
ほんせん/honsen/common honsen/ほんせん/common本線
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. main line
ほんじつ/honjitsu/common honjitsu/ほんじつ/common本日
ほんめい/honmei/common honmei/ほんめい/common本命
ほんるい/honrui/common honrui/ほんるい/common本塁
  • noun:
    1. base;  stronghold;  main fort;  home plate
ほんや/hon'ya/common hon'ya/ほんや/common本屋
ほんけ/honke/common honke/ほんけ/common本家
  • noun:
    1. head house (family);  birthplace;  originator
ほんのう/honnou/common honnou/ほんのう/common本能
ほんりゅう/honryuu/common honryuu/ほんりゅう/common本流
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. main current;  main current of thought
ほんねん/honnen/common honnen/ほんねん/common本年
  • adverbial noun / temporal noun:
    1. this (current) year
ほんごし/hongoshi/common hongoshi/ほんごし/common本腰
ほんしょう/honshou/common honshou/ほんしょう/common本省
  • noun:
    1. this ministry;  the home office
ほんしん/honshin/common honshin/ほんしん/common本心
ほんすう/honsuu/common honsuu/ほんすう/common本数
  • noun:
    1. number of long thin objects (movies, TV programs, baseball games, etc.) (programmes)
ほんざん/honzan/common honzan/ほんざん/common本山
  • noun:
    1. head temple;  this temple
ほんりょう/honryou/common honryou/ほんりょう/common本領
ほんだな/hondana/common hondana/ほんだな/common本棚
ほんたい/hontai/common hontai/ほんたい/common本隊
  • noun:
    1. main body (of an army);  main force;   支隊
    2. these troops
ほんとう/hontou/common hontou/ほんとう/common本島
  • noun:
    1. main island;  this island
ほんしょく/honshoku/common honshoku/ほんしょく/common本職
ほんどう/hondou/common hondou/ほんどう/common本堂
  • noun:
    1. main temple building;  nave
もとき/motoki/common motoki/もとき/common本木
  • noun:
    1. original stock
ほんせき/honseki/common honseki/ほんせき/common本籍
  • noun:
    1. one's permanent residence
ほんちょう/honchou/common honchou/ほんちょう/common本朝
  • noun:
    1. this land;  our country;  Imperial Court
ほんこう/honkou/common honkou/ほんこう/common本校
ほんまる/honmaru/common honmaru/ほんまる/common本丸
  • noun:
    1. inner citadel
ほんそく/honsoku/common honsoku/ほんそく/common本則
  • noun:
    1. rules;  original rules
ほんすじ/honsuji/common honsuji/ほんすじ/common本筋
ほんい/hon'i/common · ほい/hoi/ hon'i/ほんい/common · hoi/ほい/本意
ほんぎ/hongi/common hongi/ほんぎ/common本義
  • noun:
    1. true meaning;  underlying principle
ほんちょう/honchou/common honchou/ほんちょう/common本庁
  • noun:
    1. central government office;  this office
ほんきょく/honkyoku/common honkyoku/ほんきょく/common本局
  • noun:
    1. main office
ほんもと/honmoto/common honmoto/ほんもと/common本元
  • noun:
    1. origin;  main branch of family
ほんでん/honden/common honden/ほんでん/common本殿
  • noun:
    1. main shrine;  inner sanctuary
ほんぽう/honpou/common honpou/ほんぽう/common本邦
  • noun:
    1. this country;  our country
ほんぞん/honzon/common honzon/ほんぞん/common本尊
ほんしょう/honshou/common · ほんせい/honsei/ honshou/ほんしょう/common · honsei/ほんせい/本性
ほんせん/honsen/common honsen/ほんせん/common本船
  • noun:
    1. mother ship;  this ship
ほんどう/hondou/common hondou/ほんどう/common本道
  • noun:
    1. highway;  main road;  the right road
ほんそう/honsou/common honsou/ほんそう/common本葬
  • noun:
    1. formal funeral
ほんもう/honmou/common honmou/ほんもう/common本望
  • adjectival noun → conjugation / noun:
    1. long-cherished ambition;  satisfaction
ほんぶん/honbun/common honbun/ほんぶん/common本分
ほんし/honshi/common honshi/ほんし/common本旨
  • noun:
    1. main object;  principal object;  true aim
ほんぽ/honpo/common honpo/ほんぽ/common本舗
  • noun:
    1. head office;  main shop;   本店[1]
ほんじん/honjin/common honjin/ほんじん/common本陣
  • noun:
    1. troop headquarters;  daimyo's inn;  stronghold
ほんだい/hondai/common hondai/ほんだい/common本題

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