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Example Sentences

Over 161,000 parallel Japanese → English example sentences with readings and word definitions.

  • Search with English or Japanese, hiragana, katakana, rōmaji, kanji.
  • Bundle words in double quotation marks to find entries which contain the words in the exact specified order. e.g. "to make do". Quotation marks work with English only. Use them to get more accurate results if your query is an English word or phrase that can also be transcribed into kana, e.g. "make" (as in to make something and not まけ).
  • Use Revised Hepburn romanization system when searching with romanized japanese. With the exception of long vowels which can be noted either with a macron or by doubled vowels. e.g. obaasan or obāsan.

Notice!   From the creators of the Tanaka Corpus (source database for Examples):

The Corpus is a useful and interesting collection of matched Japanese and English sentence pairs, however it cannot be regarded as containing natural or representative examples of text in either language.

  • The sentences were typed in by students in order to meet a work requirement. Initially there were many mistakes both in the Japanese and English. While many have been corrected some still remain.
  • Some clearly contain translations into Japanese of English sentences, and often do not represent the most natural way things are said in Japanese (overuse of pronouns, etc.).
  • Others contain English translations which are very literal translations of the Japanese, and perhaps came from simple machine translation systems.
  • It should be noted that many of the sentences are of the kinds found in older "study for entrance exam books", and thus are likely to have contrived examples of grammar usage or slightly archaic English examples passed down from generation to generation by (Japanese) English teachers. They are not examples of normally-used modern English, and should not always be regarded as suitable for English study.


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