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He is a lawyer by profession.
FrenchIl fait profession d'avocat.
He is an able lawyer.
FrenchC'est un avocat compétent.
He is capable as a lawyer.
He is qualified to be a lawyer.
The lawyer has a fair income.
He is no good as a lawyer.
FrenchIl n'est pas doué en tant qu'avocat.
The lawyer was expecting Ben.
GermanDer Rechtsanwalt wartete auf Ben.
FrenchL'avocat attendait Ben.
SpanishEl abogado esperaba a Ben.
That man is Perry Mason, the lawyer.
She conferred with her lawyer.
I doubt if he is a lawyer.
FrenchJe doute qu'il soit avocat.
What a waste of your lawyer qualifications!
PolishMarnujesz się tu jako adwokat.
The lawyer was expecting him.
SpanishEl abogado lo estaba esperando.
His ambition is to be a lawyer.
PolishJego marzeniem jest zostać adwokatem.
He should have been a lawyer.
SpanishÉl debió haber sido abogado.
His aim is to become a lawyer.
FrenchSon objectif est de devenir avocat.
GermanSein Ziel ist, Anwalt zu werden.
SpanishSu meta es ser abogado.
Can the lawyer see me on Friday?
PolishCzy pan mecenas może się ze mną spotkać w piątek?
He is qualified to be a lawyer.
FrenchIl a des compétences d'avocat.
SpanishÉl tiene el título de abogado.
I intend to become a lawyer.
It seems that his father is a lawyer.
I don't believe he is a lawyer.
RussianДумаю, что он не адвокат.
The lawyer determined his course of action.
SpanishEl abogado decidió sus medidas a tomar.
The lawyer brought up new evidence.
The lawyer doubted his innocence.
PolishAdwokat wątpił w jego niewinność.
The lawyer has a lot of wealthy clients.
The lawyer doubted his innocence.

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