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You are drunk!
You're overworked.
You're out of it.
You should have seen yourself, yawning all through the meeting.
Do you really love me from the bottom of your heart?
FrenchM'aimes-tu vraiment du fond de ton coeur ?
You should go ahead and do it, just like you said you would.
PolishZrób tak jak powiedziałeś.
We're going to buy underwear. You're still going around pantless aren't you?
You talk so fast I can't understand a word you say.
FrenchTu parles tellement vite que je ne comprends pas un mot de ce que tu dis.
PolishMówisz tak szybko, że zupełnie cię nie rozumiem.
"Who do you belong to?" Wrapped around his feet was a small cat. It was a fluffy grey striped cat.
Russian"Ты откуда взялся?" Об мою ногу терся маленький котенок. Он был пушистый, в серую полоску.
You're fired.
SpanishEstás despedido.
FrenchTu es viré.
GermanDu bist gefeuert.
You are wrong.
You're only foolin' round.
This is your fault.
You are under arrest.
PolishAresztujemy cię.
You're a waste of breath!
What is your riddle?
FrenchQuelle est ta devinette ?
I will sue you.
GermanIch werde dich verklagen.
That's your strong point.
You're not young anymore.
GermanDu bist nicht mehr jung.
SpanishYa no eres joven.
Leave it alone!
Spanish¡Y tú qué sabes!
You always destroy everything.
You're always singing.
SpanishCantas todo el rato.
Your beauty turns me pale.
You're sick!
PolishChyba masz nierówno pod sufitem!
I am more handsome than you.

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